White clothing, as a rule, speaks of the courage of the girl who wears it. Firstly, this shade visually fills, and secondly, it is very easily soiled. Therefore, ladies dilute their wardrobe with it, either very neat or confident in their figure. And sometimes both criteria at once. But justifiably white is rarely on the guest list of our image, or is it? Let’s figure it out!

And let’s start with the most popular – extra centimeters. In truth, this is not entirely true. Any color can add extra pounds to us, not just white. It’s all about style and body type. Due to the fact that white shades visually make the space wider than it is, the best solution is to “stretch” the growth and emphasize the contours of the body. For example, under white trousers it is better to wear high heels, and over sweaters and blouses, put on a tight belt that emphasizes the waist well.

At what age can you wear white? In any! The popular myth that this color is suitable only for young girls is fiction, nothing more.

Does white color on the face make it look paler? Not true. On the contrary, light colors add liveliness to the image, and the face seems fresh. Black emphasizes flaws, white draws attention away from them.

Is white only for blondes? Of course, not only. And white is only suitable for dark-haired girls in order to make a contrast with the face – also an erroneous myth. When choosing clothes, of course, you can harmonize it with hair color, but this is not necessary. In this context, white suits absolutely everyone!


At some points, this color will seriously “annoy”, while at others it will help to make the image more advantageous. As a rule, white emphasizes the details, because it immediately catches the eye, and if the clothes of this shade will find your figure on a not very advantageous area, then there is a chance of getting upset when you look in the mirror. You need to cling to the advantage, namely the opportunity to emphasize “strong” places.

  • Reduce hips!

By wearing a white top and a dark bottom, you will balance your figure.

  • Adding Growth

Everyone remembers that a vertical strip visually stretches the silhouette? White clothes with such a print will help you!

  • “Shine” in the face


To draw attention to your appearance, it is enough to dress in black, and make a large white accent on the collar. It can be either a piece of clothing or an accessory in the form of a necklace or scarf.

  • We emphasize the waist

Do you want to visually bring your figure closer to the “hourglass” or just emphasize a slender waist? Then, complete with a white top, use a black wide belt or corset! Slim, stylish, sophisticated!

  • Rounding the figure

There are cases when the hips, legs or arms are so thin that girls, on the contrary, want to give them volume. In this case, white things are your lifeline.

In fact, there is nothing complicated here. If you want to assemble a discreet, strict or calm look, then you need to add pastel and less saturated shades to white. If the task is to put on a juicy and bright outfit, then pay attention to red, yellow, blue and green tones.


By Yara

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