Why do girls on social networks shave their faces, and what does the radiance of the skin have to do with it
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A new trend is booming on the TikTok social network – girls in a 10-second video demonstrate how they carefully shave their faces with a special blade. It turns out a kind of sticky-entertaining content for the benefit of the business. Indeed, after, according to bloggers, the face becomes even and smooth, and the skin is soft, like a baby’s bottom, and radiant.

The most interesting thing is that the girls from social networks were far from the first to take up razors. This method was discovered by well-known socialites, actresses and simply beauties of the early 20-40s – Marlene DietrichGreta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor.

They used the razor for exactly the same purpose – for smooth and radiant skin. True, then, there was no highlighter and high-quality decorative cosmetics, as now, laser procedures in the salon, so we had to reinvent the wheel to achieve the ideal.

The very procedure of the last century, which has returned to fashion, raises many questions, and even condemnation from cosmetologists. So what are the pros and cons of shaving your face?

Benefits of shaving your face

Photo: TikTok screen

Photo: TikTok screen

In fact, a similar procedure was already revived three seasons ago. Then in the salons for the first time they began to offer face peeling with a blade. This ritual is romantically called dermaplaning. By the way, such a procedure can now be found in the menu of beauty salons, including in the capitals.

Why was dermaplaning praised so much, and continues to be praised in social networks? With the help of a blade, and experienced ones insist that it is the blade (as in barbershops) that should be used, and not the machine (they can get hurt), they shave off the starting hair and remove the layer of dead cells. Hairs, together with keratinized scales, interfere with the absorption of cosmetics and hide the true beauty of the skin. But as soon as they are removed, the dermis becomes soft and sparkles under the rays of the sun.

Bloggers compare vellus hair with dust and dirt, which makes it difficult to apply makeup. After shaving, they note that the tone falls evenly, in general, cosmetics on the face last longer and any texture does not roll. The result lasts three weeks until the next shave.

Photo: TikTok screen

Photo: TikTok screen

Dermaplaning gained particular popularity during quarantine, when beauty salons were closed and there was no access to professional skin cleaning procedures.

So the bloggers went into all serious trouble and still cannot stop. But what will such an initiative cost them and why should they not succumb to the fashion for shaving their faces?

Cons of shaving your face

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As you probably already guessed, the first thing beauticians warn about fashionable procedure lovers is that it is easy to cut yourself with a blade, infect, get acne with eczema at the ready after the procedure.

It will not bypass such a problem as ingrown hairs or, scientifically, pseudofolliculitis. And secondly, most importantly, hair that was fluffy before shaving will easily turn into real stubble, because the blade makes the hair stiff.

True, bloggers are often cunning: advertising blades from different companies in videos, they may not really shave their faces, but apply a bunch of filters to the final picture to create a glowing effect. As a result, you succumb to provocations and become the owner of a beard with a mustache. Do you need them?


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