Why hair becomes brittle, and how it differs from hair loss
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Everything in this life breaks – from the clock to the computer. Breakdowns occur in our body. Most often, this problem haunts the hair. But hair breakage is not the same as hair loss. What is the difference, and why can brittle hair still threaten with alopecia?

How is hair breakage different from hair loss?

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Very often, a shock of hair on a comb, and what has fallen from the head and clogged the drain during washing, we take for loss. In fact, such a picture does not mean that you have alopecia right now and it’s time to buy a wig. Every day we lose 50 to 100 hairs. This is fine. Old hair dies and new hair takes its place.

However, the hair may not fall out, but break off. Take a close look at those hairs that you have on the comb, if they do not have a white onion at the end, then this is a broken hair.

Such strands are somewhat reminiscent of straw, they quickly fluff up and catch a “connection with space”, do not fall in shape. The main reason for “breakdowns” is dryness. Very often, curly hair suffers from dryness by nature. They cannot get natural hydration because the curl prevents the sebum from spreading from roots to ends.

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Also, hair begins to suffer from “drought” with age. The strands become coarser and, like curly hair, do not absorb moisture well, lose elasticity. As a result, they break off.

At a young age, “bad” fruits and everyday habits bring. For example, if you, as a blonde, love to use purple shampoo (and it is alkaline) to get rid of yellow pigments, your hair will quickly become dry. The same happens with hair with frequent lightening, as well as drying and styling without prior use of thermal protective agents.

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Hairstyles can easily make hair dry and brittle. Romantic curls, high tails, buns due to the tension of the scalp, deprive the hair of nutrition during the day, make it brittle.

Hair can also break off against the background of diseases, for example, problems with the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalance, with severe stress (cortisol in high doses does not serve the body well).

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Fans of experimenting with diets, in particular rigid diets, do not receive enough nutrients, including for the normal functioning of the scalp, and may also begin to suffer from hair breakage.

3 popular hairstyles that cause hair to fall out

How to get rid of brittle hair

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If the hair is constantly breaking, it will not be superfluous to take tests and be diagnosed by a trichologist. It is better to cancel diets and establish a normal diet. Eat more protein and monosaturated fatty acids, which give shine to hair, make it strong and elastic – meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese.

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Refuse for a while from brightening procedures, as well as keratin straightening and perm. Add products with oils (coconut, avocado, olive), keratin to the care menu. They restore, strengthen strands, nourish, make them smooth.

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Sleep on satin pillowcases. Unlike cotton, they do not cling, do not pull and do not break off the hair. Do not brush wet hair. Wet strands become brittle and can easily break off.

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Cut your hair once a month, even if you value long strands. This is necessary to remove split ends. Such hair can no longer be glued. Under a microscope, the section resembles an arrow on pantyhose, if you do not sew it up, it will go further. But to restore the tips, unlike tights, will not work, just cut off.


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