Why You Shouldn’t Wear Perfume Before Your First Date
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Scientists have long been trying to fight stereotypes that we choose the right partner for ourselves, no matter for one-night stands or long-term relationships, far from external parameters and not even character and common interests, but smell. In any case, we initially fall for natural pheromones at the first meeting, but this happens imperceptibly for us. They say that you should not drink water from your face, it’s all about the smell. Pheromones for our aromatic system in the brain are like a beacon.

They immediately lay out all the cards – they demonstrate the genetic fund of a male or female (in fact, we are 50 percent still animals, as experts say), his immune system. For our nature, the main thing is that all these parameters are different from ours, because it is aimed only at procreation, and common interests and love are already games of our mind that we rely on.

In the case of a first date, in order not to interrupt the magical effect of natural pheromones, scientists advise not to use perfume. And that’s why.

You may be allergic to fragrance.

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Yes, you can also be allergic to perfume. Experts recognize jasmine, synthetic oud, leather, vanilla and other fragrant bright spices as the most allergenic notes.

The mere smell of inappropriate perfume can cause your counterpart an acute migraine attack, and the date will be ruined. Your partner will associate you with a headache. Who needs her», he or she thinks, and does not call back after the first date.

The fragrance may evoke negative memories or associations

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We have a limbic nervous system in our brain, which is responsible for emotional memories and builds associative rows.

Some memories awaken and aromas. For example, for many, the smell of cucumber cheers up, because this fragrance is associated with rest at the grandmother’s in the country and a carefree childhood, tangerine fleur is associated with the New Year.

But in addition to the positive ones, the aromatic series also awakens negative memories. And your spirits may be in this row. Let’s say your counterpart was fired by the boss, and even humiliated, and she loved the perfume in which you came on a date. As a result, you will begin to cause negative associations in your partner. And most likely communication after a date will not continue.

Or, even more interesting, the grandmother of a young man or girl used your perfume. This most often applies to powdery classic fragrances. The fleur of this perfume will immediately extinguish the fire of desire, because you will begin to resemble your beloved grandmother. And how to meet and have sex with someone who is associated with a relative?

What are the alternatives

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For those who are not ready to give up fragrance on a first date, and for many, perfume is like underwear and feels naked without it, there are alternatives.

1. Artistry Signature Select Soothing Cleansing Shower Gel. 2. Spray for body and hair Jardin Mille Roses MarocMaroc. 3. Le Labo shower gel. 4. Perfumed sun cream-gel SPF 50+ NARIS Parasola.

Experts suggest using a scented cream, oil or shower gel, body spray or hair mist. The composition in such formats is not as bright and intrusive as in perfumes. It quickly opens up and becomes almost invisible.

1. Marassona Aveda hair mist. 2. Fragrant shampoo-shower gel “Blackberry” Laino. 3. Shower gel with shea butter “White tea and citrus” Mary Kay. 4. Blossoms Nectarine Body Mist Jo Malone London.

From compositions, give preference to citrus, light fruity, floral (for example, with freesia), aromas of herbs or nature after rain. Cross off the list of scents of spices (especially vanilla), leather, jasmine, with powdery notes.

1. Body and hair oil “Neroli and Orchid” L’Occitane. 2. Perfume oil Chronologiste KERASTASE. 3. Watermelon body mist SO… SORRY NOT SORRY.


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