The cost of maintenance services for apartment buildings from September 1, 2022 may increase significantly.
The Russian government has adopted a resolution according to which owners will pay for resources for general house needs according to actual consumption, and not according to the standard, as it is now.

Resolution No. 92 was adopted in February this year, and comes into force with the beginning of autumn, that is, September 1. According to the document, pay water, sewerage and light used for washing and lighting common areas, tenants will be according to the indications of common house meters. Now the calculation is made on the basis of standards, and they, according to experts, are always lower than actual consumption. Overbilling is prohibited unless the tenants decide otherwise. Management companies either saved on resources, or paid the difference on their own, or accumulated debts.

Payments will now be adjusted in the first quarter of each year. Residents will have to pay extra for electricity and water, which in fact were spent on lighting stairs and spans, basements and attics, washing stairwells, walls, garbage chutes, heating systems, etc.. At the general meeting of owners, you can also decide on a monthly adjustment – as you like.

According to the head of the regional center “Housing and Public Utilities Control” in the Moscow Region Valery Mamchur, residential utility costs could rise by 20-50%according to Izvestia.

The public organization wrote a letter to the Ministry of Construction, in which it warned the department about the risk of increasing utility bills. Especially it concerns residents of houses of old construction, in which engineering networks and communications are worn out, for example, pipes are leaking, wiring is worn out, which makes it impossible to use energy-saving technologies. High wear and lack of regular repairs are the responsibility of the same management companies. But ordinary citizens will have to pay for their negligence.

Resource providers, on the contrary, welcome the new settlement procedure. The Association of Water Supply and Sanitation noted that there will be no significant increase in fees, since no more than 10% of the total actual consumption of water is used for general house needs.

In the same time authorities recognize that the new order will protect those who are responsible for the maintenance of common property– monitors and eliminates leaks in time, increases the energy efficiency of the house.


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