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Haircuts for medium length hair will never lose their relevance. The trends of 2021 have not made drastic changes in fashionable haircuts for medium hair: a minimum of styling, a maximum of naturalness and “wind in the hair”. And, of course, in the first place is the professionalism of the master. Classic women’s haircuts for medium hair also do not lose their positions: bob, cascades and other variations will still look relevant. But complex, ideal styling should, perhaps, be abandoned – they look unnatural and disharmonious, and can give extra age.

Before deciding on a fashionable haircut for medium hair, you should think about the shape of the face. The triangular face has wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Asymmetrical bangs or hair covering the cheekbones will help to visually smooth out the proportions – just medium length. That is, you need to add volume to the lower part of the face, excluding it from the top.

The oval shape of the face is ideal – almost any female haircut for medium hair will suit its owners. But with a square face, the situation is more complicated: its width and length are approximately the same, and the cheekbones, as a rule, are clearly defined and slightly protrude. Owners of this type of appearance are suitable for medium haircuts below the chin of the bob-car type, as well as all types of cascades. Wavy styling or side strands, as well as bangs – profiled or asymmetrical, will distract attention from rough facial features.

Chubby girls have a need to visually lengthen their faces. In this case, the best option would be a haircut for medium hair with an asymmetrical bang or side parting.

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A well-chosen haircut for medium hair can not only change the image, but also remove age, add mystery, charm and sensuality. In addition to the type of face, you should pay attention to the style of clothing, make-up, and jewelry that you wear in the face area – the haircut should look harmonious.

Haircut “cascade” practically does not go out of trend and looks great on medium length hair. It gives lightness and naturalness to thick curls, and adds volume to thin curls. She can also correct the oval of the face, masking wide cheekbones. Another advantage of the “cascade” on medium-length hair is easy styling and its various variations: strands can be straightened or curled, creating either a clear graphic look or careless natural curls. Sometimes you can only twist the ends.

Bob and bob-bobs are always an up-to-date classic for medium length hair. Initially, she assumed elongated strands near the face, and short ones at the back. In 2021, its other varieties are popular: for example, with long asymmetrical bangs, smooth or graduated, as well as an elongated bob, or slightly tousled. You can emphasize the relief and texture of the hair with the help of coloring – you can make an ombre, shatush, balayage, bronding and try other modern coloring techniques.

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Kare is a popular at all times women’s haircut for medium hair. In the classic version of the caret, the strands remain smooth (they can be straightened with an iron), and for a special occasion, careless curls can be curled, leaving the ends slightly straight.

A bob with bangs will give the face a youthful freshness, and the whole image will have a special style that will be well emphasized with make-up and clothes. A bob without bangs with a parting to the side is also an actual form of haircut for medium hair: the strands will seductively fall over the face. Another option is an asymmetrical bob, with which you can take some liberties – for example, shave off the hair on one temple.

Graduated bob was very fashionable in the nineties, and fashion, as you know, is coming back. The nineties are trending! The haircut combines the forms of a cascade and a caret: in front, the strands remain elongated, and the back of the head rises. The cut line remains uneven, slightly stepped.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for women’s haircuts for medium hair in 2021. We have listed the main forms, and an experienced stylist will tell you a more suitable option. And do not forget that without good styling, the effect of a haircut on medium hair can be reduced to zero. Arm yourself with a good brush, hair straightener, styling products and experiment – a haircut for medium hair is great for this.


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