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Fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion no longer recognizes skinny and non-sustainable models made from a fabric with elastane called “skinny”. In the modern world, the era of the 70s has come again, now comfortable models of a straight and free silhouette in different variations are in trend.

We have prepared for you a selection of fall-winter 2020-2021 trends.

The fashion for jeans with a good fit and wide legs has returned again. Models of “daddy jeans” are far from emphasizing the features of the figure and fit. Spacious, comfortable jeans are ideal for every fashionista, they will not constrain the body and imagination.

A denim shirt, a basic white t-shirt, a plain white shirt, or a loose jacket would be a great addition. As shoes, you can choose black ankle boots with a steady heel, rough boots or oxfords.


Flared jeans are back on the catwalks and in the wardrobes of fashionistas. These flawless women’s jeans pair perfectly with leather jackets and denim shirts. A classic of the genre is a set with a white basic T-shirt. The image allows you to go both for a romantic date and for a business meeting.

The architectural cut of jeans “flared”, visually makes the legs long, and the figure is slender. Jeans build the right proportions, the effect is enhanced by shoes with heels.

The appearance of cropped jeans with a collar on the catwalks caused real delight among fashionistas. Classic blue or light blue shade, straight cut and thick denim will perfectly combine with a strict business jacket.

Also, cropped jeans make a great pair with oversized sweaters. To them we choose high boots with a steady heel. And, of course, the option with a denim shirt will also not be a miss.


Straight models are the most popular among girls. They are as close as possible in cut to skinny, but still, they do not fit the figure so tightly. Good even for a figure that is far from ideal parameters.

The model is perfect for walking, shopping, meeting with friends. Classic stretch and a white t-shirt will be a perfect and timeless combination.


During a stellar career Kate Moss jeans called “mom jeans” ruled the fashion world. Autumn-winter 2020-2021 brings mom jeans back into fashion.

Today’s fashion for tucked jeans into boots is perfect for this model.

The hit of the season will go well with a cashmere jumper, a thin golf, a fitted top, which will emphasize the fragility of the figure. The most winning colors of jeans: pale blue or white.

It is necessary to make a choice in favor of a high landing, as a low landing emphasizes problem areas.


Culottes. In the 2020-2021 season, culottes have become a real trend that is suitable for both thin and overweight women. Jeans can be worn at any time of the year, combined with things designed in different styles. Shoes must be heels or wedges.


Shortened. Suitable not only for tall women, but also for girls with small stature. Jeans help to balance the proportions and make the look more interesting. Cropped jeans, like culottes, should be worn with heels.

Boyfriends. You need to choose a high-waisted style and replenish your wardrobe with a wonderful youth option. Any colors, designs, prints and so on are acceptable.

Direct. Versatile jeans that will suit any type of figure. They are able to hide flaws, stretch the silhouette and make the image more feminine and attractive.

Do not go unnoticed combined jeans. Striped models, various shades, elements of materials – all this will be appropriate this season.

Embroidery, appliqués, stones, metal embellishments, fringe and lace are not only designed to decorate evening dresses, this season you can also see it on jeans.

Fancy prints are one of the trendiest options of the season. Prints can be either color or black and white or to match the jeans.

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