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You can look feminine and sexy at any weight. The best example is plus-size actresses, models and beauty bloggers. If you are not going to lose weight, but want to feel more comfortable in your own gorgeous body, take note of our life hacks. Simple tricks will help emphasize the dignity of your figure!

To focus on the appetizing curves of your body and hide flaws, you will need a minimum of effort.

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Facial contouring

How to make your face thinner - photo


Not only curvy girls resort to contouring tricks, but also all those who want to bring their face shape closer to the ideal. The play of shadows in makeup helps to highlight the cheekbones, remove unwanted angularities and simply make the face more expressive. In addition, it is a quick way to visually reduce the cheeks, making the face appear thinner.

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“Correct” selfies

How to take a cool selfie plump - photo


The secret of a successful Instagram photo is a well-chosen angle. To look slimmer, take photos of yourself from above and at a slight angle. Also, don’t forget about lighting. It is better if it is natural daylight from a window. For more helpful tips on how to take the perfect selfie, check out our beauty editor’s article.

A tan

Fashion for overweight - photo


Bronze tanned skin appears toned and supple. Also, just like with contouring, shading makes you look slimmer. The main thing is not to overdo it with a solarium or self-tanning. Pay special attention to the legs – a tan makes them visually more slender.

Elasticated jeans

If the jeans do not fasten - photo


If the holidays have not passed without a trace, and you urgently need to get into your favorite jeans, an ordinary scrunchie for hair or money will come to the rescue. Hook it on the button, pull it through the loop and again, already “on the way back”, hook it on the button. Now the belt has become a little wider and more elastic!

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Slimming underwear

Slimming underwear - photo


Did you know that many actresses and slim models are not shown on the red carpet without slimming underwear under a luxurious dress? This express method will allow you to instantly get a wasp waist and bring your figure closer to the hourglass. True, every day you should not wear slimming underwear. Save this option for a special occasion.

Loose hair

fashion for overweight - photo


Straight long hair will help to visually stretch the face and hide chubby cheeks. Give preference to such a hairstyle instead of a bun or curls.

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How to choose a dress for a full girl - photo


Some girls mistakenly believe that tight-fitting clothes act on the principle of slimming underwear – they make them slim. In fact, leggings or hyper-tight dresses only emphasize the flaws. But shapeless hoodies will not add harmony to the figure. Fill your wardrobe with wrap shirts and dresses or interesting drapery. Emphasizing the waist will help balance the top and bottom.

Baby powder

Anti-irritation powder


Ladies with curvaceous forms often suffer from irritation on the hips. It is very easy to prevent an unpleasant sensation – with the help of baby powder!

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Black slims

Life hacks for curvy girls - photo


It is a fact. Of course, you should not part with your favorite dresses, but remember that it is dark clothes that add sophistication.


Tips for donuts - photo


Keep your back straight and your head up. Slouching doesn’t suit anyone.


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