Each of us wants to look amazing, but we have to spend a lot of time preparing, especially when it comes to makeup. You can learn the art of make-up only during practice. In order to apply makeup quickly, make it beautiful and spectacular – there are many brilliant ideas – we will share them!

Atypical, effective and very simple beauty ideas are in our material. Learn to make a make-up stylishly, beautifully and quickly.

Pencil turns into… liquid eyeliner

If you are missing a rich shade from an eyeliner, then it only takes 1 second to hold the tip of the pencil in a flame, and you will get a chic shade.

Thanks to this technique, the line will lie flat and will be much brighter.

The main thing is that after you have heated the stylus, let it cool for 10-15 seconds so that you do not burn the thin skin of the eyes.

There is another way to quickly invent eyeliner!

Use your beauty products like anything multifunctional. For example, use your mascara – remove a little with a thin brush and draw a line on the upper eyelid.

Non-rolling shadows

Very convenient, necessary and simple reception!

To make your favorite color of the shadows much brighter, and the shadows themselves hold better and do not roll, you need to shade the eyelid first with a white pencil, and then apply the shadows.


Draw arrows quickly

There are a lot of ways to draw arrows very quickly and evenly. However, each chooses the method that is most convenient for her.

If you can’t draw the arrows evenly, focus on the distance to the eyebrows and you simply don’t have the patience, then in this case an ordinary cutlery – a teaspoon will help you.

Attach it to the eyelid, draw a contour, and then paint over the free areas. Voila, the arrows are drawn!

When do you need to lengthen your lashes?

And this one is just superb! And most importantly, it always works! For many girls, this is a real salvation and definitely the best life hack for those who do not have thick and luxurious eyelashes.

Apply a layer of mascara to your lashes, then take some baby powder and dip a Q-tip into it. Sprinkle the ends of the eyelashes with powder. Wait a couple of minutes and start applying 2 coats of mascara. Your eyelashes are thicker and longer, just like the girl from the MaxFactor ad 🙂

Apply mascara without leaving marks

And again, a spoon will come to your aid! Cover the skin of your eyelids with it and you will not have to repaint your eyes if your hand suddenly trembles and run after a cotton swab, because you smeared your eyelids.

Extend life carcasses

Do not rush to throw away your mascara if it is a little dry – you can renew it and at least a little, but prolong its life.

All of the following tools will help return the carcasses to a normal consistency and allow them to last longer:

  • ordinary warm water;
  • artificial tears;
  • eye drops;
  • a few drops of strong and moderately sweet tea;
  • liquid for contact lenses;
  • tonic that does not contain alcohol.

How not to dilute mascara:

  • spitting;
  • alcohol;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • vegetable and other oils;
  • perfumes, lotions and other alcohol-containing products.

Create an exclusive shade of glitter

Easy peasy!

You take the usual pharmacy vaseline and mix it with crumbly shadows. You get a very interesting shade of gloss. Experiment!

Enlarge lips without injections

It is not necessary to prick your lips, like most girls, in order for them to be bigger. You can visually slightly make them larger and at the same time, maintain your individuality!

The art of makeup is amazing. Draw a cross with a pencil on the central part of the upper lip, and then apply lipstick. And you can also apply a little highlighter along the contour of the upper lip in the dimple area. In this way, it will become more noticeable and this will create the effect of large lips.

Triangle for bags under the eyes

Another interesting beauty hack! In order to properly hide the blue under the eyes, draw a triangle and gently blend it.

Curl your eyelashes

If you use eyelash curlers, it will be very effective if you warm them up a little with a hair dryer before using them. Thus, the eyelashes curl better and last longer.

Massage before makeup

Some professional makeup artists massage models before applying makeup. Thanks to this technique, cosmetics lie much better, and morning swelling also disappears.

Cleanse the skin and apply a moisturizer and massage your face in circular motions for at least half a minute.

Choose cream blush

Many makeup artists believe that girls often go overboard with blush in their everyday makeup. This looks very ridiculous. And, as a rule, this happens to those who use loose blush.

Opt for creamy blush textures only, as they are very easy to apply with your fingertips and look natural.

Apply blush correctly

In order not to accidentally create the effect of “matryoshka”, you need to be able to apply blush correctly. About the fact that you need to choose creamy textures, you already understood, now we are telling you how to determine their place on the face.

Apply any pencil to the top of the ear and the most protruding point of the cheekbone. You will get a line along which you need to apply blush.

A pimple popped up – what to do?

If you need to be a beauty right now, and as always, a pimple appeared at the wrong time – do not panic!

Take a cotton pad and moisten it with redness eye drops (Vizin) and put in the freezer for 3-5 minutes. Then apply it to the inflamed area. After a few minutes, it will be almost invisible.

Credit card for makeup

Do you want a clear line of arrows? Use your card! 🙂

What makeup hacks do you know? Write your ideas in the comments!

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