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We already wrote that 97% of Ukrainians use the Viber application for work, communication with family and friends. This means that with almost 100% probability you also have Viber in your smartphone. But do you know about all the functions of the popular messenger?


“Lisa” has prepared 5 Viber life hacks that will definitely make your communication in the messenger easier and safer.

1. Congratulating all your friends on the holiday is as easy as shelling pears

Today is an important holiday – New Year, March 8, Easter. Of course, everyone wants to have time to congratulate their friends and relatives, to give everyone a little attention. But it is impossible to gather all the acquaintances in one chat, because work colleagues do not know the relatives of your soulmate. There is an exit. Step one – prepare the text, select a picture or sticker. Step two – we make a simple mailing in Viber. It allows you to send a single message to multiple recipients without merging everyone into one chat. Click on the icon “Create message” – “Create newsletter” and select all the contacts to whom we want to send a congratulation.


2. Secrets don’t last long

For big and small secrets, the messenger offers the “Secret Chat” feature. Open the application, click on the “Create” button, select “Create Secret Chat” and add the desired recipient. In a secret chat, you can set a time limit for viewing a message, after which it will be deleted from all devices participating in the chat. It’s also important to note that messages from this chat cannot be forwarded, and screenshots are either disabled entirely or leave a notification on the chat screen. Now all important correspondence is securely protected.


Viber has another interesting feature related to the privacy of correspondence – “Hidden Chats”. You can hide any dialogue from the chat list so that only you can see it after entering the pincode. This is in case the phone falls into other hands.


How to do it? We find the desired dialogue in the list of Viber chats.

For Android: press and hold the chat, select “Hide chat”.

For IOS: swipe the chat from right to left and click on the “Hide” button.

After that, come up with a 4-digit pin code or use Touch ID. To find a chat, you need to enter the name of the contact in the search. But it will be possible to enter the dialogue with him only after entering the password.

3. Absolute privacy

Don’t want the interlocutor to see that you have read the message? Go to “Settings”, then to the “Privacy” section and remove “ON” from the “Viewed” parameter and from the “Network”. Remember, if you enable this feature, then a similar status from your interlocutor will not be available.


4. “Silent chat”

It happens that your colleagues or friends in general chats on Viber start discussing a topic at the most inopportune time. And you get a lot of notifications about new messages. In such situations, you will be saved by the function of disabling notifications “Silent chat”. Select the desired dialog, click on the name of the chat in the top panel, go to the “Information and Settings” section, click “No” on the “Notification Sounds” item. And IOS owners should just swipe the chat from right to left and click on “Turn off”.

5. Short videos

Do you want to fully and vividly tell about the news, but there is no time for a video call? The “short video” feature can help you. Just long press the icon to send a message on the right side of the text input field. If the video turned out to be unsuccessful, you can always remove it from the interlocutor’s dialogue and record a new one.


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