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Before heading to the beach and swimming in the cool water of a pond or river, take care of your safety and take advantage of our beach life hacks.

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In summer, all thoughts are about the sea, lake or river. To make your beach holiday enjoyable and safe, take note of our helpful tips.

avoid ducks

They are so cute, they quack so funny – it would seem, what harm can these harmless birds bring? However, in stagnant water where ducks live, cercariae, the larvae of bird worms, are often found. Worth a couple of minutes to wander along the shore knee-deep in water – and for two weeks you are provided with itching and high fever. And the beach holiday will be hopelessly spoiled.

take care of your eyes

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Swimming in the city, it is better not to dive headlong. Especially close to the coast. And if you really want to dive, protect your eyes with goggles for swimming. Otherwise, you can easily pick up conjunctivitis. Its pathogens, staphylococci and pneumococci, often live in the coastal waters of ponds and lakes.

Don’t lie on the sand

Sand on city beaches is a guaranteed breeding ground for all kinds of infection. Indeed, in addition to people, there are local stray cats and dogs, as well as mice, rats, etc. And people care little about cleanliness. Cigarette butts, paper, broken glass – all this accumulates in the sand for years. Therefore, it is better to spend time on beaches that are officially declared recreation areas and where swimming is allowed. Garbage is removed there, sand is mixed and fresh is added.

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Don’t go barefoot

This precaution will protect not only from the fungus, which is easy to pick up in places of mass recreation, but also from injuries. And it is better to go into the water in special slippers for swimming. The bottom of urban and suburban reservoirs is littered with all sorts of traumatic fragments, debris, etc. And even in secluded places where vacationers rarely visit, you can run into a sharp shell. If you follow these precautions, your beach holiday will be without excesses.

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