We all face everyday challenges almost every day. And to make life easier for ourselves, various life hacks come to the rescue. Sometimes they can be very non-standard, sometimes even strange, but effective. Cool, new life hacks – in our material.

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Probably, at least once in your life you have had to use ordinary household items in an unusual way.

To your attention, little tricks that will make your life easier!

What to do if the headphones are constantly confused?

If you put the varnish in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes before painting your nails, you will get the following result:

  • will lay down in a thin layer,
  • will last a long time
  • won’t bubble
  • dries much faster.

For more space in your first aid kit, put medicines and instructions in separate bags.

The case when pets or children like to dig in the trash can.

A coconut can be opened with a corkscrew.

Stains on clothes

If Vanish, or any other, is not at hand, then household products will help you.

To make an all-purpose stain remover, mix equal amounts of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture on the stain and it will disappear.

What can I do to make pancakes tastier? Before pouring syrup over them, simply cut them with a star. Thus, all pancakes are soaked.

Take good photos at the zoo

Try to wear the same color as the workers before going to the zoo. Thus, most likely, the animals will turn around to face you.

When hot water was turned off again in Kyiv.

When the cork is lost or simply won’t fit back into the neck, simply cut off the finger on the rubber glove.

Before you begin to rearrange the furniture in the apartment, experiment first on paper in this way.

Here is such a life hack when there is no baking dish at hand. Do not thank.

If the nail fastener breaks in the photo frame, then use the lid from a canned jar.

How to captivate a child? Create a city and streets with masking tape or colored tape.

If you put a coconut in the freezer, you can easily open it. After all, it will freeze and crack. And what’s cool, the taste of milk will not change.

When you drink the same drinks from aluminum cans with friends, turn the ring in a certain direction. This way you will be able to distinguish your jar.

In order to easily untie the knot on the laces, use invisible ones.

A phone with a silicone case can be fixed in such a way that it is convenient to watch something on it.

smartphone hacks tips

Great use for a gero scooter.

geroscooter application

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