Hair does not forgive mistakes. If you do something wrong in the bathroom, it will certainly affect your hair. We have collected the most important care rules in one section so that your hairstyle will always please you.

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#one. Wash my head as often as needed

Washing your hair every day or once a week is entirely your choice, which depends on the type of hair, the condition of the scalp and the time of year. If the habit of washing your hair every day negatively affects the quality of your life, but you can’t do otherwise, then you should change your shampoo. It should suit your scalp type, as this is where sebum accumulates – the main cause of hair pollution. But do not think that he is your enemy and choose very aggressive shampoos. Sebum protects the hair from damage and the scalp from excessive dryness.

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When washing your hair, apply shampoo only to the hair roots, the hair itself is not so dirty as to actively wash it, flowing foam is enough.

#2. Use a balm or hair conditioner

This tool was invented to make your hair look perfect not only after a beauty salon, so you should not neglect it. Conditioners and balms envelop the hair with a protective film and prevent it from drying out, allow the hair scales to fit more closely together, and, accordingly, give a healthy shine.

For the best result, apply the conditioner from the middle of the hair length, in no case at the roots, because of this they quickly.

#3. Don’t sit with a towel on your head

Wrapping your hair after a bath in a towel turban and going to watch a series / do business / do manicures (underline as necessary) is a favorite female habit. And she is the main enemy of the beauty of your hair. Wet hair is very vulnerable, and such a “bath” damages the structure and deprives them of shine.

After washing, blot your head with a towel (never three hairs, this also damages them) so that the main moisture is absorbed. You can leave it on your shoulders so that the water from the tips is absorbed into it.

#four. Use leave-in hair products

Oils and sprays prevent split ends and make hair smoother, shinier, easier to style and comb.

It is better to apply them on dried hair, at the ends or from the middle of the length. Often, these products also protect hair when blow-drying.

#5. Choose soft combs

Combs with metal or hard teeth damage the scalp and hair. Therefore, choose options from modern materials. There are many soft-bristle combs on the market today that detangle hair and keep it smooth and shiny.

Remember that the comb must be washed regularly to remove the remnants of styling products and sebum that accumulates on it.

#6.Use hair protection products

If you love curling irons, a heat protectant should be your best friend. Frequent exposure to high temperatures adversely affects the health of the hair, destroying their structure. Thermal protection minimizes the impact of curling or ironing and allows you to shed life on your styling.

When vacationing in warm countries, apply UV protection to your hair. This will keep the color of the dyed hair and prevent it from drying out. If the hair is not colored, protection will help maintain moisture levels, protecting it from breakage.

#7. Change hairstyles

If you like to walk around with a tight ponytail, don’t do it every day. The same applies to the bun and other hairstyles in which the hair is tightly pulled together. At this moment, they experience a strong tension, and this leads to a violation of blood circulation in the scalp, and in the future, to hair loss.

The hairstyle will look stylish if the hair is well-groomed and shiny. Popular blogger Katya Sukharskaya reveals her hair care secrets and shows simple hairstyles for every day, which will pleasantly diversify the image.



source: Mrs. Sukarska


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