Even the best and most expensive perfumes need to be learned to apply correctly so that they last longer, open better and delight you with their aroma all day long.

We have found the best life hacks for you and will tell you how to apply perfume so that it lasts longer and smells much better than it usually does. Read and use them!

Apply to clothes

Perfume should be sprayed not only on the body and hair: a few splashes should also reach the clothes. The thing is that the fabric absorbs the aroma well, and it holds it just as well, so the perfume will last much longer.

Do not scatter in the air

On a comb

In order not to harm your hair with perfume, it is best to spray it on a comb before combing. So your hair will always have a subtle and light aroma of your favorite perfume.

But do not forget to use a special care spray first so that the alcohol base does not dry the hair.

Not three wrists

Never three wrists after having applied perfume on them: due to friction and temperature, the aroma will begin to open earlier and naturally wear off much earlier. Just forget about this technique from the past forever!

Know the fragrance before you buy

All perfumes have three notes: top (it lasts less than all others, you feel it first), middle (opens immediately after the top disappears), base (the most persistent and long-lasting).

By knowing the notes of a perfume, you will know how to apply it better and, of course, you will be more satisfied with it.

Layer the flavors

If you have two perfume bottles, the smell of which does not conflict, try to create your own fragrance. Combine strong and weak perfumes to add other, special notes to your scent.

Unscented lotion or cream

If the perfume has run out or is left at the bottom, you can preserve the remains of the fragrance with the help of a body lotion or cream that does not have a scent. Just add a little of this product to an empty perfume bottle and close it: not a drop will go to waste.

Get rid of the unnecessary

In order to get rid of the fragrance, which was completely inappropriate for you, use a make-up remover or micellar water: just wipe the place where you sprayed the perfume with a cotton swab and the fragrance will disappear.

Carry with you

A simple way to preserve your fragrance for a long time is to spray perfume on a cotton swab and put it in a vacuum bag. It is much more convenient to throw a thin package in a clutch than a huge bottle of perfume.

And what life hacks do you have for keeping your favorite fragrance longer? Share them in the comments!

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