A very big nuisance — collecting and cleaning walnuts, you run the risk of dirtying your hands for a long, long time. We have selected for you the best tips that will help you wash your hands from nuts right at home.

how to wash off traces of walnut peel

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Everyone wants to taste fresh walnuts, just from the tree. But if in childhood we don’t even think about washing our hands right away in order to preserve their skin and manicure, then when we become adults, we are no longer so happy about delicacies straight from the tree.

Of course, you can simply not leave the house until everything passes, or you can quickly and easily wash your hands of nuts.

Why do hands get dirty from nuts

The skin of walnuts contains a large amount of the natural dye juglone. This pigment turns everything it touches brown and is extremely durable. Based on this, you need to remember several nuances of cleaning your hands from walnuts.

A few nuances:

  • You need to start cleaning your hands immediately after you finish cleaning nuts.
  • You can use a preventive measure to avoid stains: just put on rubber gloves before cleaning.
  • Be sure to stock up on a scrub or pumice stone before cleaning.
  • It will not be possible to completely wash your hands, but you can get rid of stains as much as possible.
how to wash your hands of nuts

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Cleansers are best used sparingly, without much inspiration. The best thing is to just wait a little. But if you need it urgently, try using the following methods.

How to wash your hands from nuts at home

At home, you can use several easy and fairly quick ways to clean your hands. The question is how much you will harm the skin of your hands.

Natural remedies:

  • Lemon juice. Cut a fresh lemon and rub the slices on the spots, and then make a lemon bath for your hands. Of course, the stains will not come off right away, but they will become much clearer and will come off faster. Repeat these steps until the stains disappear.
  • Handwash. If immediately after cleaning the nuts, start washing and wash intensively by hand, with a large amount of detergents. It is best to start right away, without waiting for your hands to turn brown.
  • Potato. Starch, reacting with iodine from the shell of nuts, discolors it and the stains will disappear. In order to wash your hands from nuts in this way, rub a starchy potato on a fine grater and hold your hands in the porridge. Start scrubbing with a stiff brush and soon the stains will recede. It works only with fresh stains, but, unfortunately, it will not discolor the stains completely. The method is non-aggressive and suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Unripe grapes. If you have unripe green grapes, squeeze the juice out of it and dip your hands in the pulp for a few minutes. The acid contained in grape juice acts as a mild exfoliant, and also helps to remove stains from nuts.
  • Peeling or scrub. First, steam your hands in hot water until they are covered with wrinkles at the tips of your fingers, then take sea salt and some baking soda in your palms. Start rubbing and three until the spots begin to fade. So you will not only wash your hands from nuts, but also exfoliate dead skin. At the end of the procedure, be sure to apply moisturizing cream to your hands – salt can dry them out.
how to wash your hands of nuts

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Strong means:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Effective only on fresh spots from walnut skin. If the hands have not yet turned brown, rub them with peroxide, without particularly strong friction.
  • Ammoniac. If brown spots appeared on your hands, you can get rid of them with ammonia. Wet the cotton wool in the product and wipe the spots: first with light movements, and then three. Do it on the balcony or near an open window so you don’t get a headache.
  • Stain removers. This is an extreme case if it is especially necessary to have clean hands. This method can cause an allergic reaction, irritation or severely dry the skin.
  • Bleach. “Laundry”, “Vanish” and all other bleaches, and even oxygen. This is the most effective method, but at the same time, the most harmful, because the delicate skin of the handles can get a chemical burn. You may also develop an allergy, so use this method only if you urgently need to wash your hands from nuts.

And do you have your own life hacks for cleaning your hands from nuts? Tell us!

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