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Singer Jamala recently went on vacation with her husband and sons. Despite the inconvenience caused by quarantine and wearing masks, the artist is very happy with her family vacation. She shared pleasant impressions with fans and talked about traveling with children.

Jamal about traveling with children


Jamala, along with her husband Bekir and sons Emir-Rahman and Selim-Girai, rested in the Turkish resort of Marmaris. The singer was satisfied with the vacation, because, like many, she had been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time after several months of quarantine.

“Finally it happened! We have decided. Vacation. Long-awaited. Particularly crafted. Yes, we are crazy! We went on a trip with two small children without nannies, grandparents, just strollers and we are full of love and enthusiasm to conquer the world. Okay, not the world, but just the coast of Marmaris, ”

— admitted a celebrity in Instagram.

The artist has already pleased with sunny shots from Turkey. On one of these, she even showed her youngest son. In addition, the star mom revealed several life hacks for traveling by plane with young children.

Jamala with her youngest son


“So, we still flew on vacation as four of us – Bekir, Emir, Selim and me. Everything is possible. The main thing is to hold on! For a few hours, especially on the way to rest, you curse everything. But then things get better. I suspect that you already know everything without me, of course. But I will share my life hacks”,

— wrote the artist in the social network.

How to travel with kids: Jamala’s tips

  • Suitcases. The artist advises taking suitcases according to the number of adults. From children’s options, which “seem to be carried by children,” she recommends refusing. “It’s a scam,” Jha says. As a result, they become an extra burden for parents.
  • Number of things. The celebrity advises to take as many things as you would like to take, and then lay out exactly half 🙂
  • Stroller. The baby stroller must be easily disassembled with one push of the elbow or leg.
  • Hand luggage. The performer prefers a backpack where she puts everything she needs.

“Anything can happen on the road – a flight delay, your plane can stop in the desert … Okay, I went too far with the desert, but in general there is everything you need for two children, a first aid kit and diapers with a margin,”

she explained.

  • For an airplane. Be sure to bring a light snack for the kids: biscuits, apples and bananas. And one more thing – before the trip, parents need to download more cartoons to their phone or tablet.
Jamal about vacation with children


Jamala shared these secrets of a successful vacation. The most important thing, the singer believes, is to be patient – then the training camp and the flight will pass without any problems.

Recall that on June 19, Jamala became a mother for the second time. The artist personally announced the addition to the family through social networks. She, like many Ukrainian celebrities, gave birth to her youngest son in the private Leleka maternity hospital. The boy was given a Tatar name – Selim-Giray Seit-Bekir Ogly.

Jamala with her husband photo


And what hacks do you use? Share in the comments.

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