A tired traveler who longs for peace among almost wild nature can choose a summer vacation in Transcarpathia. The ringing silence of the mountains and the aromas of herbs are waiting for you in the village of Yakovskoye near Svalyava!

And also visit the castle of Palanok and Shernborz, keeping within their walls the mysteries of the Middle Ages, the love of Imre Tekeli and Ilona Zrini; swim in the thermal springs of Kosino and Bregovo, or order hot tubs of mineral water in Lumshory. And this is not the whole list of impressions that await you in any weather on the westernmost point of Ukraine!

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Transcarpathia to taste

Be sure to visit the ostrich, deer farm, and sirovarna in Khust, the center of the weaving in Iza, wine tasting in Mukachevo. The trout farm nearby is an opportunity not only to look at the well-fed mountain fish, but also to catch one of them for your dinner.

Transcarpathian cuisine is one of the most original in the world. It has been formed over the centuries and is closely intertwined with the culinary traditions of the Hungarians, Slovaks, Jews, and Gypsies. And to get a taste of this region, be sure to order Hungarian bograch, Transcarpathian potato pancake, Czech dumplings, gypsy gurka, banosh with cheese and cracklings.

The meal can be “seasoned” with Hutsul humor in the tavern-museum “Detsa u Notar” near Mukachevo. You can go there just on a tour, laugh a lot with the witty “expats” and the guide’s jokes.

Where to eat

Most places can be visited independently by public transport, it will be cheaper and freer. Excursions by bus accompanied by a guide can be ordered at the hotel or from agents in the market in the Sunny Transcarpathia boarding house. Prices for excursions from 150 to 300 UAH.

Transcarpathia will surprise you at any time of the year, come!

By Yara

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