02 November 2020, 12:01

Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol continues to follow the coronavirus prevention measures. And in a recent interview, she shared her recommendations for protecting against a dangerous disease.

Tina Karol about coronavirus


Tina Karol is not just a talented performer and mother, but also a wonderful conscious person. In an interview with Katya Osadchaya, she admitted that she adheres to all the rules of quarantine and carefully monitors hygiene so as not to catch a coronavirus disease in any case.

In addition, she shared her ways to stay healthy during a pandemic. So, Tina uses special black cumin oil and fir wax.

Tina Karol is pregnant?


“There is black cumin oil. This is my assistant. Thanks to this oil, no bacteria enter the body. Please google, buy and defend yourself. There is such an ordinary thing as fir, its wax is vitamin C, boosters, immuno, ”

— shared the artist.

In addition, Tina answered the question of concern to many about her pregnancy. The star, who is already raising her son Benjamin, previously admitted that she dreams of a daughter.

Of course, fans assumed that the singer was already expecting her second child and began to actively look for evidence by looking at her photo. Like, suddenly she hides her tummy. However, in a conversation with Osadchaya, Tina denied the rumors – she is NOT pregnant.

Tina Karol figure


In addition, the singer spoke about her son, who is now in the UK. The boy is on vacation, but he could not fly to his mother due to the lockdown, and she could not go to him.

“This is the first time I have not come for holidays or some kind of visit to him. Looking forward to the December holidays. There is a lockdown, but everyone is trying to continue somehow this life, continue to work,

Karol admitted.

But Ukraine, according to Tina, does not expect a complete closure. The artist believes that the country cannot return to the conditions of strict quarantine, because the economy will not survive this. The singer herself does not know what she will do in the situation of the next lockdown.

“What should we do, I don’t know, I’ll catch some zen”

she notes.

Tina Karol son


Recall that when the world began to introduce quarantine and close borders, the singer had to quickly take her son home. This event was a real test for the star mom, but she was able to spend more time with her child.

“For me, it was a real challenge: they close the sky, and the child must return home. During quarantine, we have something to do with him, he knows English and French well, he will teach me a little, and I will pull him up in music, ”

Tina Karol said earlier.

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