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What to do if a nail breaks before leaving the house, shoes are tight, and there is a trace of an iron on the dress? You don’t have to postpone your plans. There is always a way out!

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The following life hacks will help you quickly deal with the problem!

What to do if a nail breaks?

The participant of the second season of the show “Supermodel in Ukrainian” in the TV show “Everything will be kind” Katya Lysenko told what to do if a girl has a broken nail before an important meeting. It turns out that you can restore a broken nail with a tea bag and clear varnish. the procedure will take no more than 15 minutes, and the result is a saved nail.

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How to quickly restore damaged things

What should I do if there is an iron mark on the dress? Katya Kakhanova will tell you how to quickly deal with this problem at home with the help of lemon juice. After applying the lemon juice, you need to wash the dress and it will look like new!

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How to stretch shoes?

Nina Krokhmalyuk told what to do if the shoes were small. With a sock and a normal hair dryer, you can stretch the skin and easily put on shoes, even if they are one size smaller.

Further in the video, see three life hacks for every woman for all occasions.


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