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It doesn’t matter at all – you pack a suitcase for a big trip, or a small bag for a walk around an unfamiliar city. There are TOP 5 must-have things that you should take with you.


1.Sunscreen, or better – two: for the face with a stronger UV protection factor and for the body with slightly weaker protection. If you walk around the city longer than usual, went to the water park with your children, relax in the forest in summer, and even if you ride on snowy slopes in winter, you need to protect your skin from the sun.

Electronic book

2.There is no travel without a road. An e-book is the best way to pass the time on the road. Although I love paper books more, the ability to travel light and pick up a book according to my mood is very convenient. Therefore, an e-book is the best option.

To feed birds

3.Wherever I went, one of the most touching impressions was communication with local animals or birds. Feed the pigeons in the town square, the ducks in the municipal pond, the fish on the river bank. It’s great when a piece of bun or bread crumbs is stored in your purse. This children’s entertainment always delights, no matter how old you are.

Clean hands

4.It doesn’t matter where you go on a trip – your hands should always be clean. Even walking around the city, especially in an unfamiliar one, be it Istanbul or Budapest, you still want to touch something at the local bazaar, pet street cats, touch amazing mosaics or refresh your hands in the local fountain in the heat. And if it is a park, mountains or a trip to the sea – there are no comments at all – there should always be wipes in your purse, preferably more: wet, dry, antibacterial + special hand cleanser.


5.Water. It doesn’t even need to be explained. In hot weather in an unfamiliar city, water should always be with you. Dehydration and overheating is a serious problem, even if it seems like a trifle. It seems that you can always buy water, but it happens that you have not changed the currency, there is no change, you have moved far from civilization and there are simply no shops. May you always have water with you, even on the smallest trip.

By Yara

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