Almond shape of nails is the most popular among modern fashionistas.

The almond shape of nails is one of the most popular in the world of manicure service. It got its name from its striking resemblance to the nut of the same name. This form of the nail plate looks unusual and encourages the creation of a non-trivial design.

Almond shaped nails 2019

The almond shape of nails 2019 is not without reason popular with cutting-edge beauties. This form is chosen by celebrities, movie divas, singers, socialites, business women and young fashionistas. The non-standard form of nails gives free rein to imagination and allows you to invent and implement the most exotic design, although a monochromatic coating on this form will look beautiful, concise and elegant.

The almond shape of the nails can be carried out by building up the nail plate or strengthening the natural nails with a gel, followed by applying varnish or shellac. Natural nails of this form are very susceptible to brittleness, so it is better to strengthen them, since now many devices have been invented for this. Gel or acrylic nails are durable and will please their owner with a flawless manicure from a month to two.


Almond shape short nails

Manicure for short nails of almond shape will be an excellent choice for young girls and business ladies who need to meet the requirements of appearance at work and at work. Even the shortest length of the nail plate can be decorated in all sorts of ways. What manicure will be beautiful on short nails:

  1. french. French manicure has become a classic of nail art, it is performed in any color and on nails of different lengths and shapes. So why not decorate it on almond short nails?
  2. Multicolored manicure. By painting each finger a different color, or highlighting one nail in New York style, you get a playful and easy design.
  3. Rubbing. On short nails, mirror, pearl, holographic and chameleon rubbing looks flawless. It will add zest and exquisite depth to the coating.


Almond shape on long nails

Delicate almond-shaped nails on a long nail plate are the celebrity’s favorite design. The use of a nude coating on such a form by famous personalities has been repeatedly noticed. Long nails are the perfect base for creating all kinds of designs from a simple monochromatic manicure to fine art on the nails. The almond shape of long nails is ideal for this design:

  1. Nude and kamifubuki. Large fantasy sequins of various shapes can be laid out randomly or by creating a pattern, and if you cover them with a matte top, you get the impression of misted glass on your nails. It looks attractive and extravagant.
  2. sequins. Shiny small particles are a simple but attractive decoration of the nail plate. Glitter can be of different sizes, colors and applied locally or on the entire surface of the nail.


Almond shaped nail extensions

The almond-shaped French nail design in the extended version has several options. Extended acrylic nails are very strong and durable, while gel nails look more natural and easy to work with. The almond shape of extended nails can be the basis of such a design:

  1. Retractable french. Such a design can be performed exclusively on extended nails, while the base is laid out separately with a camouflage coating, and the smile line is white.
  2. aquarium design. This design of nails has unique visual data, and the design looks voluminous and spectacular.
  3. transparent nails. The latest trend in the nail industry is a transparent colored or colorless manicure.
  4. Nail piercing. An interesting decor of the nail plate, absolutely not painful and not injuring the nail, because the earring is inserted into the gel or acrylic coating of the regrown edge.


Manicure for almond nails 2019

Almond shape nail design 2019 has its own trends and fashion trends. A few undeniable hits in the new season will bring variety and stylish detail to the image. The nail service industry does not stand still, masters invent new types of design in order to improve their skills and acquire new clients.

The almond shape of the nails is well complemented by careless asymmetrical strokes of different colors and thin straight lines — this is one of the types of fashionable design in the new season. Simplicity is also in fashion and a monophonic manicure does not lose ground. Such a simple and minimalist solution will suit business ladies and conservative ladies.


French on almond-shaped nails

French manicure for almond-shaped nails has become a traditional version of nail art. The almond shape is able to emphasize the beauty of a classic jacket or make adjustments and complement the standard design with diverse decorations. How to make a jacket on almond-shaped nails:

  1. geometric french. The smooth smile line is replaced by a clear triangle or square.
  2. French with negative space. Leave a thin strip of the nail unpainted between the smile line and the base. This design can be done in one color, and the transparent section will be a kind of delimiter.
  3. reverse french. The smile line is painted not on the free edge, but at the base of the nail.
  4. Color jacket. The usual white-nude colors of the jacket can be changed, using all kinds of combinations and arbitrarily combining colors.


Matte almond nails

Manicure on almond shaped nails covered with a matte top is a truly bewitching sight that can improve any design. Many manicure options open up in a new light, thanks to the matte effect. Which design is attractive in matte finish:

  1. Geometric airbrush on nails. This design is a kind of interpretation of the gradient, only it consists of geometric elements with a smooth transition of colors. You can make a gradient base with a darkening on top, highlight the middle with a dense strip of the same colors and darken the bottom.
  2. Marble, smoky manicure. A very fashionable abstract pattern technique with soft, flowing ornate lines.
  3. Combined manicure. Matt and gloss in one design perfectly complement each other. Gloss can highlight a pattern, pattern, or apply drops of thick gel over the mat, imitating dew drops.


Red almond shaped nails

Red almond-shaped nail design — suitable for bold, eccentric and strong-willed women. The red color is not simple and must be worn with dignity, which only a true woman is capable of. Red color is good in all manifestations, both in monochrome and with decoration. What design to choose for a red manicure:

  1. red to black gradient. This combination needs to sing a separate ode. Such a combination of colors is always successful, and in the soft gradient technique it will be impossible to look away from such a fashionable design.
  2. Red manicure and flexible tape. Gold will perfectly decorate the fiery coating. Such a tape can be laid out in straight lines or a modification of the French manicure can be made.
  3. liquid foil. Silver Liquid Glitter Foil will tint and highlight a vibrant red hue.


White almond shaped nails

Monochromatic almond-shaped nails in white color will decorate delicate hands in the summer season. White color will emphasize the bronze skin tone and come to the fore. White color represents tenderness and purity, so they love to use it in wedding nail art. What manicure to do in snow-white color:

  1. White and mirror polish. This combination works great together. Rubbing can be applied to several nails or make a smooth stretch, depicting an ombre.
  2. White and lettering. White is the perfect base for lettering and trendy designs.
  3. Opal effect rhinestones. A gentle manicure is achieved by combining a white base and muddy rhinestones with a blue tint. Rhinestones lay out a pattern or add a few single rhinestones in monochrome.


Black almond shaped nails

Stylish manicure on black almond nails is a non-standard and bold solution. Such a daring manicure will not deprive its owner of attention and will not leave anyone indifferent. There are so many ways in which you can diversify the black coating:

  1. veil effect. This design is done by applying a translucent black base, on top of which is applied a pattern resembling a lacy pattern in deep black.
  2. Black rendering. The dark color is ideal for separating different details in a manicure, drawing a contour. Thin black lines are a newfangled trend in the new season.
  3. Space manicure. The effect of the northern lights or the starry sky is drawn only on a black background.


Ombre on almond shaped nails

Delicate ombre-shaped almond-shaped nail design has captivating visual properties with a soft transition of colors. It is possible to execute such an unusually bewitching design in any colors. The most trendy gradient transition designs:

  1. Gradient with airbrush. This method creates the most weightless and smooth transition of colors, and you can create a designer fantasy gradient.
  2. geometric gradient. A recent ombre design technique in which colors are replaced by different shades with clear boundaries. The most fashionable look is a gradient corner or teeth.
  3. Design and ombre. A combination of several types of nail design. Ombre and French, rhinestones, moon manicure or painting are combined.


Bright almond shaped nails

Manicure design for almond-shaped nails in a bright color will cope with the task of performing a catchy summer nail art with honors. Bright colors bring wildness, idleness, frivolity into the image and erase all the boundaries of a boring pastel coating. Bright summer manicure options:

  1. multicolored nails. The season of holidays, hot sand and burning sun invites you to play multi-colored coverage of the brightest neon shades. This manicure is done in plain, striped, gradient, or polka dots, but it looks equally cute and at ease.
  2. Lunar manicure. Bright colors will perfectly cope with the design of the moon manicure. The holes or the base, or all together, can be bright.
  3. fruit manicure. Bright colors perfectly complete the drawing of summer fruits, especially relevant at this time of the year.


Manicure with a pattern on the almond shape of nails

Beautiful almond-shaped nails with artistic painting are a real work of art of nail art. The drawing is done by hand or using stamping, design slider, decals. It has no prohibitions and restrictions, it has the ability to reproduce a variety of prints. The most fashionable nail art ideas:

  1. Sweet Bloom. The technique of three-dimensional painting, which replaced the monograms. An ethnic pattern or other pattern is made in this way; flowers and desserts look beautiful in this technique.
  2. food design. It is fashionable to draw a variety of food on the nail plate from fruits to ice cream and fast food.
  3. cartoon characters. Cute cartoon or comic characters will cheer you up and create an atmosphere of childhood and carelessness.


Rhinestone almond nail design

The trendy almond-shaped nail design with rhinestones allows for a manicure for a variety of occasions. Rhinestones bring mystery, chic and gloss to the image, make the nails more sophisticated and elegant. What design with rhinestones is relevant in the new season:

  1. Rhinestones and modeling. Favorite kind of festive design for a wedding. Such a manicure is performed mainly on a delicate nude coating, decorated with floral modeling and rhinestones.
  2. Matte manicure and rhinestones. The matte finish makes the shine of the rhinestones more expressive and noticeable. Lunar manicure with rhinestones on a matte substrate looks beautiful and impressive.
  3. Rhinestone pattern. A simple drawing can be depicted by replacing paints with rhinestones of different sizes and colors, or supplementing the illustration with crystal elements.


Manicure for almond shaped nails — geometry

Manicure ideas for almond shaped nails run amok with a variety of styles, techniques and ways to design an unusual design. Geometric manicure is the most trendy technology for decorating the nail plate. What geometric manicure design will be the hit of the new season:

  1. geometric abstraction. Asymmetrical figures in different colors, with sequins, rubbing or rhinestones will be a fashionable choice in the new season.
  2. Geometric rhinestones and rivets. A laconic simple design is achieved by adding a few metal rivets or rhinestones of a non-standard triangle, rhombus, square shape.
  3. One large geometric figure. The most trendy will be a large square or triangle in the middle of the nail. It can be embellished with mica, foil or glitter and coated with thick gel to create a brooch-like voluminous decor.



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