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It’s no secret that every girl, depending on the characteristics of her appearance, belongs to one of the four existing color types («spring», «summer», «winter», «autumn»). To be more precise, the color type of appearance is rather determined by the individual color scheme, which was originally given by nature and does not change throughout life.

Knowing your color type allows a woman to have no doubts about choosing the color of clothes and makeup. Also, there is a theory that the “right colors” have a positive effect on mood, well-being, personal life and even career, but more on that another time.

And now let’s talk about girls with the «summer» appearance color type.

Features of the summer color type

The main determining factor of the color type is the skin tone. So, for the «summer» beauties, a light pink or light olive color is characteristic. Freckles, if any, of cool gray shades.

Hair color in women with the «summer» appearance color type can vary from light blond to dark brown. Also, with the obligatory presence of an ash tide.

As for the color of the eyes, the representatives of the «summer» can boast of gray, gray-blue, gray-green, blue shades. The iris of the eyes with a fuzzy contour, the lips are milky pink.

In other words, the «summer» look consists of a cold and muted color palette.

Basic wardrobe for girls with the «summer» color type

To create a stylish and impeccable image, it is not enough to take into account fashion trends and choose clothes in accordance with the type of figure. It is also important to use the so-called «own» colors when choosing an outfit.

The wardrobe of a girl with the “summer” color type should consist mainly of their things in cold, soft shades. It can be: lilac, calm pink, gray-blue, dark blue, burgundy, plum and others. Favorably emphasize the features of the appearance of makeup, made in purple-pink or lilac tones.


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