There are not so many women with red hair in our latitude. These are very gentle, sensual and refined persons. And if it talks about what color type the owners of fiery hair belong to, then this is undoubtedly “autumn”. This is a fairly rare, but easily recognizable type.

autumn woman

Happy owners of a rare type are determined by the skin, which can have a peach, yellow-beige, pink-beige and bronze tone. Natural blush on the face is usually absent, but most women have freckles that give them a special flavor. The eye color is mostly closer to dark: it is hazel-green and amber-brown, but there are also girls with green-blue eyes. The characteristic hair color is the main sign of the autumn color type — it is, as a rule, golden chestnut, bronze, copper-chestnut copper-blond, and, of course, red.

Autumn color type of appearance and clothes

In order to look beautiful and spectacular, stylists recommend choosing the right shades. Whether you choose your color or not depends on whether your natural colors will play or the image will fade.

Since autumn is associated with coziness, warmth, naturalness and luxury, the color palette should meet these criteria. Shades should be soft and saturated, or warm and soft. For example, red-brown, golden-beige, dark chocolate, olive, khaki, pistachio, salmon, coral look good on autumn women. Of the cold shades, you should pay attention to plum and purple.

Having an inner charm and beauty close in spirit to the autumn woman, such styles as folklore, country and safari will be most suitable.

As for the makeup for the autumn color type, it should only emphasize the existing beauty, giving a touch of romance and elegance. The basic base should consist of warm tones — it is beige, peach or transparent. Powder is desirable to apply colorless.

When choosing eye shadow, remember that nature has rewarded you with an expressive eye color, so during the day you can get by with ordinary mascara, and for evening and festive makeup, you can use shades such as emerald green, golden, peach, purple, copper brown, bronze and lavender. But cold calm tones should be avoided.

Lipstick and lip gloss should also match your type, which means warm shades.


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