Autumn manicure ideas - photo selection for short and long nails

In the female image, regardless of the time of year, every little thing matters, and a beautiful and stylish nail design plays an important role in this. Interesting ideas for autumn manicure will help you add a special zest and create a mood.

Fashion ideas for autumn manicure

With the approach of autumn, most girls really want a feeling of comfort and warmth, which is so easy to add to your everyday look. Manicure ideas, the autumn version, can be very different — from thematic orange leaves or inscriptions to simple plain nails in warm shades. The main advantage of the autumn season is the variety of bright colors, which can be safely reflected in the nail design.

Fashion ideas for autumn manicureTrendy ideas for autumn manicure fashion

As for the color scheme, autumn manicure ideas look great in these shades:

It is better not to mix these beautiful and deep tones with others; a manicure in rich shades in a monochromatic version will look very beautiful. To make the nail design more alive, you can use the technique of French or moon manicure, or you can use an interesting decor in the form of neat drawings, rhinestones, sparkles.

Fashion ideas for autumn manicure designFashion ideas for autumn manicure style

Actual artistic ideas for autumn manicure are:

  1. Raindrops. It can be both realistic stickers and 3D drawing.
  2. Fashion ideas for autumn manicure drops

  3. Matte nail design — the idea looks very stylish in dark and warm colors. Another idea that can be attributed to the same category is a velvet manicure.
  4. Fashion ideas for autumn manicure geometry

  5. Gradient. Another relevant idea for the new season is an ombre in warm autumn colors.
  6. Fashion ideas for autumn ombre manicure

  7. Foil is the most win-win way to make a universal, beautiful and catchy manicure.
  8. Fashion ideas for autumn manicure drawings

  9. Autumn drawings on nails with stickers or a brush.
  10. Fashion ideas for autumn manicure drawing

Autumn manicure ideas for short nails

In the previous few seasons, short nails have been a real trend and have been very popular. There is a logical explanation for this — unlike long ones, they do not create discomfort when you are doing household chores or working at a computer. And if earlier for a short length it was possible to use only a neutral varnish that did not attract much attention, now the ideas of autumn manicure for short nails look very stylish and catchy.

Autumn manicure ideas for short nailsAutumn manicure ideas for short nails ideas

Actual ideas for an autumn fashionable manicure for a short length are:

  • plain nail design with or without decor;
  • combined design;
  • autumn jacket;
  • moon manicure on short nails;
  • concise thematic drawings;
  • minimalist autumn manicure design ideas.
  • Autumn manicure ideas for short nails styleAutumn manicure ideas for short nails style

Autumn manicure ideas for long nails

Long nails are once again at the peak of popularity. Although they are less convenient and practical in everyday life, they have significant advantages. First of all, the long length looks beautiful and sophisticated, visually stretches the fingers. Plus, a long nail plate is an opportunity to implement various, even the most complex design ideas.

Autumn manicure ideas for long nailsIdeas for autumn manicure for long nails fashion

Ideas for a fashionable autumn manicure for long nails are:

  • plain nail design, with or without light decor;
  • geometric design;
  • various variations of French manicure;
  • moon manicure ideas for long nails;
  • brilliant design with a large number of rhinestones, sequins, glitter;
  • ideas for autumn manicure with foil;
  • themed autumn drawings.
  • Autumn manicure ideas for long nails styleIdeas for autumn manicure for long nails design

Autumn manicure ideas for sharp nails

As a rule, sharp nails are preferred by those who love shocking and maximum attention to their image, therefore, the design for this form is often chosen catchy and bright. Bright colors and shiny decor look very advantageous on long sharp nails. To create a special mood for the new season, you can consider stylish manicure ideas with autumn leaves.

Autumn manicure ideas for sharp nailsAutumn manicure ideas for sharp nails style

Ideas for autumn manicure on an almond shape

In the new season, the most popular nail shape is almond-shaped — round with a slightly pointed tip. Its main advantage is versatility — it looks great on any length of nails, with the exception of very short ones. Any ideas for autumn-themed manicures will look beautiful on almond-shaped nails — from simple solid colors to bright and colorful options.

Ideas for autumn manicure on an almond shapeIdeas for autumn manicure on an almond shape fashion

The best ideas for autumn manicure

Every woman knows the feeling when you make a beautiful fresh manicure — your mood completely changes, and sometimes your inner state, so it is extremely important to regularly pay attention to your nails, especially in such a rainy and depressing season as autumn. Interesting ideas for autumn manicure are very diverse — they include both a simple monochromatic coating with minimal or no decor, as well as interesting thematic painting ideas.

The best ideas for autumn manicureBest fall manicure ideas fashion

The current trends of the new season are such ideas for autumn manicure:

  1. Cover with autumn decoration. This category includes a variety of ideas with drawings and stickers in the theme of autumn — leaves, yellow-red trees, raindrops, umbrellas and much more.
  2. The best ideas for autumn manicure drawing

  3. Manicure with rhinestones. This decor option can rightfully be called a win-win for all occasions. Beautiful shining pebbles will transform a monochromatic manicure in autumn colors and give it a more elegant look.
  4. The best ideas for autumn manicure are rhinestones

  5. Dark marble. Imitation of the texture of a stone, especially in a dark color, has become another trendy idea for an autumn manicure.
  6. The best ideas for autumn marble manicure

  7. Kamifubuki. A colorful and positive decor option will transform any nail design and give it a bright elegant look.
  8. The best ideas for autumn kamifubuki manicure

  9. Geometric nail design. This idea is universal for any length and shape of nails and fits perfectly into autumn looks.
  10. The best ideas for autumn manicure geometry

Autumn Manicure Ideas — French

Such a design option as a jacket, which is a natural-colored nail plate and a neatly designed white tip, will never lose its popularity. It looks like a classic, but modern fashion offers many interesting variations of it. A wide variety of colors and decor ideas can be used for design.

Autumn Manicure Ideas - FrenchAutumn Manicure Ideas - French Ideas

French autumn manicure ideas are:

  • classic white jacket with autumn decor;
  • black jacket with autumn style decor;
  • french manicure in yellow-orange tones;
  • red autumn jacket.
  • Autumn Manicure Ideas - French StyleAutumn Manicure Ideas - French Design

Nude autumn manicure ideas

If you are looking at the ideas of gentle autumn manicure, then you should pay attention to the nude nail design. The color of the nail plate is close to natural flesh, it is absolutely neutral and universal, and it is also an excellent background for a variety of drawings and other creative ideas. Nude manicure looks great in combination with any female look.

Nude autumn manicure ideasIdeas for nude autumn manicure fashion

Ideas for autumn manicure in nude shades are:

Bright autumn manicure ideas

For many, autumn is associated with bright colors, an abundance of yellow and red shades, and it’s a great idea to reflect this mood in your image, especially in nail design. To do this, you should give preference to positive and colorful shades, which include orange, yellow, red, warm brown, different shades of green.

Bright autumn manicure ideasIdeas for bright autumn manicure style

Simple autumn manicure ideas can be very easily transformed beyond recognition if you add a little sparkle to your nail design. It can be rubbed, sparkles, rhinestones, foil and other interesting options. One of the stylish and fashionable ideas that are relevant in the autumn season is a cat’s eye manicure in beautiful warm colors — a brilliant mother-of-pearl varnish with an unusual sheen.

Ideas for bright autumn manicure fashionIdeas for a bright autumn manicure design

Autumn ombre manicure ideas

The ideas of autumn manicure gradient or ombre, which are a smooth transition from one shade to another, are very popular. There can be two or more shades, depending on the length of the nail plate, they can be either in one color scheme or completely contrasting, and even combined with other design and decor options.

Autumn ombre manicure ideasAutumn Manicure Ideas Ombre Fashion

Popular autumn shades of ombre are:

  • red with black;
  • black with nude;
  • shades of brown;
  • white-pink (under the classic french).
  • Ideas for autumn manicure ombre styleAutumn manicure ideas ombre design

Ideas for autumn manicure with rhinestones

Any, even the simplest idea of ​​nail design can be easily transformed beyond recognition and give a bright festive look if you use miniature shining stones — rhinestones. Stylish autumn manicure ideas look gracefully more festive, and are suitable not only for every day, but also for a special occasion. Rhinestones can be very diverse — a classic shining white version, black stones, colored ones.

Ideas for autumn manicure with rhinestonesIdeas for autumn manicure with rhinestones

There are several options for decorating a manicure with rhinestones:

  • laconic design on each nail — one or two pebbles;
  • bright and rich decor of one or two nails;
  • rhinestones in combination with other decor ideas — drawings, patterns.
  • Ideas for autumn manicure with rhinestones fashionIdeas for autumn manicure with rhinestones design

Ideas for autumn manicure with a pattern

Nothing will convey the mood as brightly and accurately as a beautiful picture, and nail design is no exception. For some, autumn is a depressing time associated with rain, dampness, and withering flowers, while for others, on the contrary, it is a time of bright colors and positive. In both cases, it is easy to express your mood in a thematic nail design.

Ideas for autumn manicure with a patternIdeas for autumn manicure with a fashion pattern

The ideas of autumn manicure look beautiful and original with various options for drawings — with leaves, rowan berries, with umbrellas, with birds. For a positive and cheerful picture in nail design, it is better to use warm and bright colors of autumn — these include red, yellow, orange, brown, milky, green. An interesting thematic inscription can become a stylish addition to the nail design.

Ideas for autumn manicure with patterned styleIdeas for autumn manicure with a pattern

Autumn Manicure Ideas — Geometry

Listing the ideas of a beautiful autumn manicure, it is important to note such an option as a design in the style of geometry, which consists of numerous straight lines and shapes intersecting with each other. For a stylish and interesting pattern, it is important that the colors are contrasting — for example, black lines on a white, light gray or nude background.

Geometric autumn manicure ideasIdeas for autumn manicure geometry style

Geometric design can be completely different, the autumn theme itself involves the use of deep warm shades. Neutral tones as a background will also look advantageous — light gray, white. If you prefer a minimalist nail design, you can limit yourself to thin dark lines on a light background, or vice versa. For a more eye-catching and contrasting design, the areas resulting from the intersection can be painted over with your favorite shades.

Geometric autumn manicure ideasIdeas for autumn manicure geometry style

Fall Glitter Manicure Ideas

Ideas for a beautiful autumn manicure do not have to be very complex and sophisticated — sometimes the simplest ideas may be needed for a beautiful design. These include sparkles that transform any nail art and give your hands a festive elegant look. The most popular shades of glitter are gold and silver, but there are many others to suit every taste.

Fall Glitter Manicure IdeasFall manicure ideas with sequins style

There are a lot of options on how to create a nail design with sparkles. The simplest idea is to completely paint one or two nails on your hand with a shiny coating. For a more elegant nail design, you can consider creative ideas, for example:

  • decorating a jacket or moon manicure with sparkles;
  • decorating the pattern on the nails with sparkles;
  • drawing or pattern with sequins.
  • Fall Glitter Manicure Ideas FashionFall Glitter Manicure Ideas Options

Ideas for autumn manicure with foil

Stylish autumn-themed manicure ideas can be both simple and very stylish and elegant at the same time. These include foil — an interesting tool for elegant and brilliant nail design. The most popular decorative foil colors are silver, which looks delicate and versatile, and gold, which gives the nails a more luxurious look.

Ideas for autumn manicure with foilAutumn manicure ideas with foil design

Another way to transform a monochromatic and simple nail design is with thin strips of foil, with which it is easy to create a variety of design options, including the geometry that is now popular. With the help of thin golden or silver stripes, it is easy to visually stretch the shape of the nails, increase their length. Foil in this version goes well with other decor options — for example, with rhinestones and broths.

Fall Manicure Ideas with Foil FashionIdeas for autumn manicure with foil option


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