Beautiful autumn manicure - a selection of fashionable photo ideas for all occasions

A beautiful autumn manicure is not just a whim, but a necessary element of the image. No matter how stylish and fashionable the outfit is, if the nails are untidy, then the whole appearance deteriorates. Well-groomed hands with a neat manicure will cheer up and decorate the owner.

Beautiful fashionable autumn manicure

The most beautiful autumn manicure has many guises. There is no single correct rule for the design of nails. Now the trend is the most unusual manifestations of fantasy. A riot of techniques and accessories for the nail service will help to realize bold ideas and fantasies. Which manicure option is in particular demand in autumn design:

  1. Drawing with leaves. What could be more appropriate than painting a maple leaf on your nails in autumn colors? The sheets are displayed in different colors and sizes and cover the entire surface of the coating or part of it.
  2. Liquid metal. A novelty in the beauty industry that won the hearts of many beauties. It is performed with an uneven dotted base varnish, foil is applied on top, dried in a lamp, the remaining foil is removed and the finish is applied. It looks especially attractive on a matte substrate, which highlights the pattern itself.
  3. modeling. Traditionally accepted stucco flowers are replaced by seasonal attributes: acorns, berries.


Beautiful autumn manicure for short nails

Easy beautiful autumn manicure can be performed at different lengths. Design options for short nails are no less than for long ones. Due to the shape, they are more convenient and comfortable. It is much easier to care for short nails than for long ones, and there is much less risk of breaking a nail at the wrong time. What to do on short nails:

  1. Kamifubuki. The easiest option is to apply multi-colored large sparkles resembling confetti to the coating.
  2. negative space. Design with unpainted areas of the nail. In this way, different elements are distinguished, the smile zone is separated from the base, or the hole area is left transparent.


Beautiful autumn manicure for long nails

A beautiful autumn manicure with a mountain ash is a good, but hackneyed solution for a fashionable manicure. There are more recent ideas and solutions for trendy long nail designs. The irreproachable advantage of the length is that there are no frames in the choice of design, and this size visually lengthens the fingers, making them sophisticated and graceful. What to do on long nails:

  1. Floristics. Relevant in any season, in autumn it is better to give preference to calm colors and thin lines.
  2. cat eye. The color range of varnishes with this effect is very restrained and saturated, so it will be a great companion for the autumn palette.
  3. ethnic pattern. A drawing with clear lines and rounded details will also not be superfluous in an autumn manicure.


Beautiful autumn manicure on square nails

A beautiful and simple autumn manicure in a square shape is in demand among fashionistas. The soft square looks stylish and impressive, regardless of the length. What design will complement and decorate this traditional nail shape:

  1. Geometry. What will emphasize the clarity of the form more than geometric elements? A very popular type of drawing these days. Both single figures and abstract geometric patterns look beautiful on the entire surface of the nail.
  2. Veil design. A translucent nylon black base will be an excellent substrate for lace patterns and black monograms. The drawing will look especially expressive on a matte background.


Beautiful autumn manicure for oval nails

A beautiful autumn manicure for almond nails is just as loved by girls as other forms. The almond shape is incredibly trendy and extravagant, and the design on it looks many times more interesting. How to improve rounded nails:

  1. Cat Eye 24D. A novelty on the shelves of manicure supplies. This varnish has such a deep overflow, as if the whole universe is sealed in the nail. On the oval shape of the nails, it looks especially advantageous.
  2. decorative sand. With this decor item, you can lay out any pattern or a straight line, and in the autumn version they reproduce the design in the form of a sweater. Very cozy and homely nail art.
  3. New York design. Highlighting one finger with a different color. It is left plain or decorated at your discretion.


Ideas for a beautiful autumn manicure

A beautiful autumn-themed manicure is not limited to leaves, twigs and dark tones. When cloudy days are overcome, the blues are tormented, and there is no mood, a bright manicure will instantly correct the situation. What manicure in the new season to decorate rainy gray everyday life:

  1. Marble manicure. Fashionable technique of blurring jagged lines. There are no restrictions on the choice of color, white and black are classics, but experiments with other shades will certainly be rewarded.
  2. gossamer. It is made with a special design gel that leaves thin straight lines on the surface. They cover monochrome designs, drawings, decorate with dots and sparkles.
  3. Manicure with strokes. Strokes carelessly left with a wide brush will diversify and decorate. The design is performed in one, two or many colors.


Beautiful autumn French manicure

A beautiful autumn French manicure in a classic nude-white design will always be appropriate. For autumn, you can choose more interesting options and not get hung up on the traditional design. Varieties of stylish jacket:

  1. Antifrench. The reverse jacket implies the designation of the smile line not on the free edge, but under the cuticle growth zone. It is made in contrasting colors, sequins or flexible ribbon.
  2. orange jacket. The color of fallen leaves is most associated with autumn, so a jacket in this color will be the perfect solution.
  3. transparent jacket. It can only be done with transparent gel extensions. In this case, the free edge is left colorless, and the base is varnished. Or the edge is laid out with a colored transparent stained glass gel, which looks especially interesting.


Beautiful gentle autumn manicure

A beautiful nude autumn manicure is best done in pastel beige and coffee shades, although doll-pink will not be superfluous. A gentle range is suitable for girls whose profession requires compliance with a strict dress code. Options for an unusual nude manicure:

  1. Autumn theme. Any autumn attribute is expressive on a neutral pastel basis. You can make it in color or make it unpainted with negative space. You can leave the same leaves or feathers colorless.
  2. broths. Transparent bouillons are used to create caviar manicure, covering the entire surface of the nail with them, and colored bouillons are added to rhinestones or to a drawing, bringing zest and originality.
  3. sequins. They harmoniously merge into a nude manicure, adding shine and sparkle.


Beautiful bright autumn manicure

Beautiful autumn manicure bright colors are the prerogative of not only the summer season, but bright touches in autumn will not hurt. It is not necessary to choose acidic neon shades, in autumn it is better to dwell on noble shades of red, raspberry, orange and emerald green. How to add bright colors to the design:

  1. Rainbow manicure. It is done using a transfer foil of several colors placed abstractly on the nail.
  2. Bright pumpkins. Autumn is the pumpkin season, in manicure it will replace the summer fruit epic.
  3. Manicure with stains. An analogue of a water manicure, only varnishes of several colors are applied to the nail and randomly connected with a thin brush, forming a pattern.


Beautiful autumn manicure with rhinestones

A very beautiful autumn manicure is often decorated with sparkling stones to add volume and shine. If the idea with drawings looks too defiant, or you want to deviate from the banal sheets, you can make a different design with stones. What to do on nails made of stones:

  1. Drawing addition. It does not have to be autumn patterns, you can decorate, in this way, a flower theme, food, animals.
  2. Volumetric stone ornament. Fantasy laid out rhinestones in a pattern always look interesting, spectacular and lively.
  3. Scattering rhinestones. A nail plate dotted with shining elements will give an incredible shine and luxury to a simple coating.


Autumn manicure with beautiful drawings

A beautiful autumn manicure with leaves is a standard variation of the seasonal nail design. Leaflets are made in different ways: they draw, use stickers or stamping. In addition to leaf fall, other ideas are embodied on the nails:

  1. Aerography. With the help of an airbrush, any design is applied through a stencil: a striped manicure, a mesh or a gradient pattern. Smoothly transitioning colors bring an unusual visual effect.
  2. Casting. Gold casting can give shape to the pattern, adding novelty and extraordinary effect.
  3. Slider design. The easiest way to make any drawing quickly. You just need to transfer your favorite illustration to the nail.


Beautiful autumn manicure with drops

A beautiful manicure autumn design is hard to imagine without dew on the nails. This design is firmly entrenched in the favorites of most women. It is interpreted and reproduced in different ways, but from this it does not lose its peculiarity. How to add drops to the design:

  1. Thematic addition. It is best to add them to the design, which will be complemented with their help. They can imitate rain and dew drops on leaves, fruits, flowers or an umbrella.
  2. Drops on the rub. Rubbing with the effect of a beetle looks indescribably with drops, they are expressively emphasized and stand out.
  3. Drops on a matte substrate. Expressively glossy drops look on a matte velor background. It makes them a bright accent and an interesting detail, it is better to use dark colors or cat-eye varnish for this purpose.


Beautiful autumn manicure with foil

A stylish beautiful summer manicure, smoothly turning into an autumn theme, will not let you lose heart and will slightly prolong the memory of the outgoing summer. The foil has many hypostases, on which the final result depends. What to do with foil on nails:

  1. Broken glass design. He has not left the fashion lists for many seasons in a row. It is supplemented, improved, modified, and it becomes more and more impeccable. Now it is fashionable to fill the entire area of ​​​​the nail with “fragments”, as well as a small part of it, separating it from the main coating.
  2. Metal manicure. A bewitching mirror shine on the nails will be obtained with the help of special metal transfer foil stickers.
  3. Crinkled foil. Transfer and crumpled foil is used for rainbow designs.


Beautiful autumn gradient manicure

A beautiful red autumn manicure in combination with black in a soft combination of shades looks stylish and impressive. But if you want variety and other combinations, then the ombre design is always open to experimentation. Interesting gradient ideas:

  1. geometric gradient. Moving away from the smooth transition of shades, you can dream up with geometry and apply it in a gradient manicure. To make the transition of shades with clear geometric lines or shapes, a triangle and a rhombus are best suited.
  2. Ombre in New York style. If the standard New York design involves highlighting only one nail, then the ombre reproduces a smooth transition of shades with each subsequent application.
  3. Multi-colored and combined ombre. Combination of more than two colors and combination with other types of design.


Beautiful autumn monochrome manicure

A beautiful and simple autumn manicure, even in a monochromatic design, can be amazingly diversified. Simple monochrome is loved by conservative ladies and business ladies who are not inherent in frilly design. Autumn gamma is better to make in pastel or dark, concentrated shades. Ways to diversify the usual plain coating:

  1. Matte top. The velvet surface makes any design more interesting and amazing. It can be combined with gloss, edging with a flexible ribbon or decorated with single rhinestones.
  2. Rubbing. There are many options for rubbing and each has its own individual visual qualities. Widely used pearl, chameleon, holographic, mirror rubbing.

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