Black manicure with gold - a selection of fashion ideas for short and long nails

Black manicure with gold this season is distinguished by the saturation of colors, color combinations, for example, the dominant tone in combination with red and white, a variety of patterns and patterns. So, your fingers in dark shades with the addition of golden undertones, drawing lines, rubbing and rhinestone inclusions will look very beautiful.

Fashionable black manicure with gold

What black and gold manicure will be at the peak of popularity this fall and winter?

  1. Unparalleled options that combine two beautiful tones, noble black and gold. The glitter effect can be achieved in several ways, this is the use of sparkles, sand, powder, rubbing and glitter, golden rhinestones and pebbles, kamifubi and stickers. An excellent choice for going out will be a design with thin lines, small dots and abstract curls and monograms, both on non-sharp squares and on pointe shoes.

trendy black manicure with gold

  1. Black stylish manicure with gold are original ideas using diverse decorations, it will look especially beautiful on trendy ovals and sharp nails. Stylists consider a monophonic solution with a golden accent on two fingers, made by rubbing, or a manicure with moon highlighting, a combination of black, gold and nude colors with the addition of rhinestones and shiny sand or glitter, to be a nice option.

black and gold manicure

Black manicure with gold for long nails

A real seasonal trend is a black and gold manicure for long nails, both oval and sharp, and square in shape. A wonderful choice for true fashionistas, the marble veined design with the addition of foil will suit even an evening outfit. Also an excellent option is a matte manicure with abstraction in the form of leopard dots and circles of different lengths and widths, traced with gold lacquer or glitter. It can be safely diluted at will with rhinestones and small or large figures to enhance the chic effect.

black manicure with gold for long nails

A black beautiful manicure with gold is an eternal jacket on oval nails, when a traditional smile is drawn with dark varnish on a golden background. This design is suitable not only for going out, but even for business suits or club outfits; lovers of creating multi-layered romantic images full of feminine charm can also choose it. Those who prefer catchy color combinations should pay attention to the black and white version with the addition of golden glitter on the moon, lines on one or two fingers with an admixture of voluminous figures.

long black and gold manicure

Black manicure with gold for short nails

What is extremely popular now is a black and gold manicure for short nails, and the choice of the shape of the nail plate does not really matter. You will not be mistaken and will fall into the trend in any scenario, even if you want non-sharp squares, even ovals. On the advice of stylists on short nails, you can make a moon manicure with the effect of negative space, or an original solution with oriental-style monograms and curlicues, which is perfect for any conceived image of urban chic.

black manicure with gold for short nails

Black manicure with gold on short nails looks great with diverse shiny stripes that give the design a certain severity and conciseness. This choice is the perfect solution for a chic finishing touch for business and casual street style looks, whether layered or elegant. It will add a touch of true charm and chic to any ensemble you choose, not only in dark and rich colors, but also in contrast with white, red, yellow and brown things that are so trendy this season.

black and gold manicure for short nails

Manicure ideas, black and gold

Do you want to make an unforgettable autumn black manicure with gold so that your fingers are always in the spotlight? Feel free to choose a solution with kamifubiki, combining two primary colors — black and gold. Another great option to pleasantly stand out against the general background would be a design with leaves and droplets, where the main lines of the pattern are drawn in a golden tone. The trend will be maple, birch, oak and alder leaves, and droplets can be both voluminous and flat, drawn, here the choice depends on personal preferences.

autumn black manicure with gold

Modern ideas include black manicure with gold on any form of the nail plate with the addition of foil and hit inscriptions that have become the top leaders of this season. The design will also be in great demand:

  • in red and black with rhinestone and gold splashes;
  • in black and white with marble veins and French;
  • with golden sequins and a veil;
  • with diverse stickers, both floral, plant, plot, and inscriptions and figures, for example, umbrellas and circles.

black and gold manicure ideas

Black manicure with gold foil

A black and gold manicure with a foil design is able to emphasize not only style, but also the femininity, character and charisma of any fashionista, because these solutions look amazing and catch the eye with their perfection. The foil is applied to the dried polish and fixed with a special top to make your fingers flawless. It can cover the entire nail or be dotted, in small pieces scattered over the nail plate. She also feels great in tandem with a marble pattern and golden stripes.

black manicure with gold foil

A black manicure with gold and foil looks great on a matte base, which gives your fingers a certain French chic and charm, especially if you choose a sharp and oval nail shape. The foil can be applied on one or two fingers in an accent design, or it can cover all nails, which also emphasizes their originality and beauty. A wonderful trendy choice will be nail art, when two hands have different varnish, for example, one is black, and the other is red or white with additional designer decor.

black and gold manicure with design

Black matte manicure with gold

Sophistication and velvet chic in one set — this is a black matte manicure with gold foil, especially on the hit sharp shape of the nail plate. In these solutions, the foil is distributed over one or two fingers, and the rest are in trendy uniformity, which emphasizes their style and a tribute to retro traditions. This nail art is perfect not only for elegant ensembles, for example, a chic velvet and pan-velvet dress, or a tweed trouser suit and for business combinations with classic skirts and trousers, but also for street denim or leather bows.

black matte manicure with gold foil

If you want something unusual, feel free to choose a matte black manicure with gold with additional designer decor in the form of stripes, abstract geometry and graphics, mesh and veil. Another very original solution would be a design in which only half of the nail is covered with golden voluminous stripes, highlighting the moon or a traditional French smile. This trendy manicure, according to stylists, has become the leader of the season and has become an excellent addition to the stylish and extravagant presentable bows of urban chic.

black matte manicure with gold

Red and black manicure with gold

What could be more relevant than timeless classics? Only a black manicure with a red and gold addition in the form of glitter, a play of rich color combinations, gradient transitions and exquisite inclusions. A wonderful choice for every day and not only, especially if you want to make a traditional chic design that combines two noble tones and golden decorations. It can be sand, sequins, openwork patterns and oriental-style monograms, traced with golden lacquer or glitter.

red black manicure with gold

Black manicure with gold looks very impressive when it is diluted with red, scarlet and burgundy colors. To enhance the elegance, you can add gold laconic stripes and get a stylish geometric pattern, even with elements of such trendy graphics this season. Another great choice would be a moon manicure that combines red, black and golden tones that make the moon stand out against a general dark background.

black manicure with red and gold

Black manicure with gold glitter

This season, a black manicure with a veil and gold sparkles will be in high demand among true fashionistas, when the effect of light haze and weightlessness is created, and to give it a little weight, you can easily dilute it with large and small pebbles, large and small rhinestones and golden blotches. This nail art is not just mysterious, but also a chic choice for a stylish and elegant evening, elegant and romantic everyday life, feminine and extravagant layering and brutality, which it facilitates.

black manicure with veil and gold glitter

Black manicure with gold and glitter is a chic choice for every day and not only, especially if you want a lot of sun and “gold” to dilute the monotonous autumn everyday life, to give them radiance and sparkle. This effect can be achieved with the help of sand, glitter and kamifubics, which play under the daytime sun or spotlights during a club party, drawing attention to your perfect fingers.

black manicure with gold glitter

Manicure black jacket with gold

Stylish and elegant at the same time, the choice is a black manicure with a golden jacket, as an element of a chic and sophisticated French manicure, a time-tested classic. It can be made using stripes, or drawn with golden lacquer on a dark surface by hand. This nail art is simply gorgeous, both in matte and glossy versions, it draws attention to your perfect fingers and wins the hearts of many fashionistas with its incorruptible extravagant beauty.

black manicure with gold trim

French black manicure with gold looks great on any shape of the nail plate, a smile can be drawn traditional or original, such as an envelope and a triangle. Strass inclusions are allowed along the bend lines, or to highlight the jacket itself. In the lunar version, it is allowed to decorate with rhinestones not only the moon, but also the oval, sides and edge of the nails. A wonderful solution is a dark manicure with golden abstract lines that frame the jacket.

manicure black french with gold

Black manicure with gold stripes

A stunning laconic choice for business women and girls is a black manicure with a gold design, in which experienced craftsmen use golden lines and stripes to decorate. It is stylish and strict, suitable for classic clothes, however, if desired, glamorous persons or those fashionistas who prefer multi-layered looks can also make it. In this case, he will enhance the elegance and emphasize the natural taste of his mistress.

black manicure with gold stripesblack manicure with gold design

Black and white manicure with gold

A very effective solution for every day and for a holiday is a black manicure with white and gold varnishes in one set. It will emphasize style and trendy modernity, bring a touch of a certain chic and sophistication to the overall conceived image. An almost classic combination can be done in a variety of ways and with a diverse decor proposed by the leading masters of nail art.

black and white manicure with goldblack manicure with white and gold

Black manicure with gold stickers

The true seasonal trend is a beautiful black manicure with gold using all kinds of stickers, both figurines and abstract patterns, plot drawings and floral, ethnic and floral ornaments. It will look especially stylish in combination with inscriptions, voluminous decorations such as bows and flowers, and a combination of several colors in one set.

black manicure with gold stickersbeautiful black manicure with gold

Black manicure with golden rhinestones

It’s nice to make a stylish black manicure with gold with rhinestone splashes that will give your nails extra charm and glamor, and the appearance will be great in any case, regardless of the shape of the nail plate. A design that combines two colors, for example, black-red and black-and-white, with a marble pattern or openwork lace and monograms, framed by rhinestones, looks very elegant.

black manicure with gold rhinestonesstylish black manicure with gold

Manicure black marble with gold

The black manicure with a gold pattern with marble veins, traced with golden varnish or glitter, has not lost its relevance. Marble with white and shiny lines will look especially beautiful against a dark background, and rhinestones, confetti, glitter and a combination of French or trendy monotone with marble patterns in one set can act as an additional designer decor.

manicure black marble with goldblack manicure with gold pattern

Black manicure with gold rubbing

This season, a black manicure with a golden pattern made using powder, both mirror and pearl or gold, will also be in demand. If you rub it on black varnish, you get a non-trivial golden color with a mirror surface. It can be applied in an accent version on one or two fingers, combined with other patterns, or completely covered all the nails, which also looks chic.

black manicure with goldblack manicure with gold pattern


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