boat neckline

According to one famous designer, if a woman is dissatisfied with her dress, believing that it does not fit her, the problem is precisely in the shape of the neck (“it’s a bad neckline,” says Todd Ramos). So, choosing a new thing for yourself, it is worth considering everything: chest volume, height, neck length and even the shape of the face. Our conversation today is about one of the most common necklines in women’s clothing — the «boat».

It is believed that a dress with a boat neckline fits any oval face. Very controversial! Most stylists say that a lady with a round face, a short neck and impressive forms, such a collar will help to “enlarge”. But girls with narrow shoulders, small breasts, fine features, will even out their proportions, thanks to the «boat».

For women with a long neck, the boat neckline on the dress is most suitable. By focusing on the shoulders, a good balance will appear in a fragile figure. Such a neckline, shifted to one shoulder, looks very sexy. The chest area remains free, which will be great for girls with their little «complex».

A simple dress with a boat neckline can be made in a wide variety of styles. Tight-fitting models can be both sporty and evening look. They are also good for every day. “Boat” is a very laconic neckline, which has long approved it in the wardrobe of business women. A favorite model is a sheath dress, where such a neckline looks modest and feminine. Note that simplicity and no frills can work wonders. A time-tested option is a plain dress with a “boat” neck (slim-fitting models are especially “miraculous”).

Boat neck jewelry

One opinion says that there is no need to add decorations to such a neckline. But we, women, love “trinkets” and fashion stylists offer to wear long beads or a chain with a pendant to the “boat”.


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