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Literally translated from English, “body art” means the art of the body, however, in this case, this includes tattooing, piercing, scarring (which, in the understanding of a healthy person, has little to do with art), implantation, and, in fact, painting on the body, oh which will be discussed in this article.

The trend to decorate the body with various patterns has recently become more and more popular. Drawings on the body have long attracted humanity, take, for example, the Indians, who painted their faces and bodies before hunting or magical rituals. Tattoos and painting were used as a sign of belonging to a certain genus, social class, and also indicated the status in society and financial situation.

In modern society, body art is considered a real art, because painting on the body, and sometimes drawing entire paintings that become the embodiment of the creative ideas and mood of the author, require considerable skill and professional skills. In addition, body art on the body is a great way of self-expression, which is very popular not only among young girls, but even among pregnant women.

Body art — painting on the body and on the face

Body art, or rather body painting on the face and body, is a temporary application of drawings using special paints that are applied to the top layer of the skin, without deep penetration. Paints for body art and methods of execution are of several types:

  • gouache — especially popular among novice artists;
  • make-up — completely safe for the face and body, quickly washed off;
  • face painting — for color and bright images;
  • pencil and marker — last about three days, easy to use;
  • Henna is a natural material that lasts long enough, only limited to two colors: brown and red.

Despite the fact that body art is considered a modern art form, the naked, decorated body of a woman is still considered by some representatives of the older generation as something obscene and too frank.


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