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All women are different, and even if they represent the same color type, however, they can be radically different from each other. So, for example, the summer color type has several branches, which are divided into 4 exterior colors. Each of them gives a more accurate description, so it will not be difficult to choose the appropriate outfit, hairstyle or create beautiful makeup. Today we will talk about the “bright summer” color type and what colors suit them.

Key Features

This color is considered the most common in the countries of the former Soviet Union. In women, as a rule, there are no clear contrasts. The eyes are blue, green-blue and steel-gray. The hair of most girls is light blond, but there are also ash-blond and with a grayish tinge. The skin has a pinkish-beige or porcelain tone, and some ladies may show light brown freckles.

From time to time, all women want to change their image and image. And if you have already decided to repaint, then choosing a hair color for the “bright summer” color type is not so difficult. The main thing to remember is that a cold shade should dominate. You can experiment with colors such as ash-blond, platinum, pearl, mother-of-pearl, taupe, light brown with a grayish tint. Highlighting and coloring using several tones is also welcome.

When choosing a hairstyle for the “bright summer” color type, it is worth, first of all, taking into account the shape of the face, since the chosen model should be in harmony with it.

Makeup for the «bright summer» color type

This color has one tone of saturation, so some parts of the face should still be highlighted with the help of cosmetics. To create the perfect makeup, it is recommended to use a light spring palette. The foundation should be as close as possible to the natural skin tone, which means it should have a porcelain, beige-pink, or ivory shade. When choosing powder, stylists recommend giving preference to a body powder with a pink tint.

As for the shadows, both cold and warm tones are appropriate here. It can be white, flesh, pink, silver gray, blue gray, lavender, blue, green, brown, purple, gold. However, for daytime makeup it is better to use warm shades, others are perfect for an evening look. Brown or black mascara will make the eyes more expressive.

Lipstick should not be too bright and flashy color. For a delicate and romantic look, pinkish, lilac or beige shades, as well as transparent or berry lip gloss, are suitable.

Regarding a suitable palette for clothes, the best colors are light gray, milky, sky blue, powder pink, light lavender, dark blue. And also in the base can be such shades as turquoise, ultramarine, taupe, coffee, light green, hot pink, apple, purple, light apricot, cream, amethyst and dark purple.


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