color type cold summer

In order to learn how to dress stylishly and competently, you need to pay some attention to your beloved, and study your appearance coloring. Only in this way every woman will be able to quickly and accurately select clothes that suit her, create beautiful makeup that will emphasize her femininity and tenderness.

Each color type needs a special approach, but we will devote today’s review to the “cold summer” color.

general characteristics

As a rule, girls gifted with this appearance color type have a colder skin tone — it is porcelain, pink, bluish or beige-pink. Eye color can be either brown or gray, blue, gray-blue and gray-green. Representatives of the “cold summer” color type often have deep brown hair, but some women may have softer tones with an ashy and light brown tint.

We make a wardrobe

It is worth remembering that a warm palette does not suit such girls at all. All colors should be cold and slightly muted, even matte. The cold summer appearance type has its own palette, which has several branches. For example, light muted colors such as yellow, lilac, turquoise, mauve and emerald are more suitable for summer clothes, blouses or underwear. And coats, suits, skirts, trousers and various accessories should have darker shades. Also, girls can please themselves with bright but cold notes, such as blue (summer night, blue fog), green (Icelandic lawn, Cleopatra jade) and smoky pink-red. But things of medium saturation will be an excellent option for a basic wardrobe, as they are calm and perfectly combined with other colors.

Before choosing any outfit, test it by applying the fabric to your face, and if it suits you, then the skin against such a background will look healthy and natural.

Color type «cold summer» and makeup

Since «summer» women are characterized by redness of the face due to the proximity of the vessels, applying a base base will help even out the tone and revitalize it. To do this, you can apply a cold shade, for example, pink. It is advisable to choose a transparent powder, but if you decide to go to a party, then you can use the shimmer effect. You can emphasize the cheekbones with soft pink or lilac-pink blush. It is better to refuse warm shades altogether. Particular attention should be paid to the eyes. Matte pastel cool tones will help to give a brilliant and expressive look. For example, it can be gray, silver, white-blue, pink, lilac, purple-gray, smoky blue, gray-green or lime color. Eyelashes can be given volume with black, purple, or gray mascara. As for the lips, any shade of pink is ideal — from pale to more saturated. Lilac, berry and transparent shine also looks very advantageous.


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