color type deep autumn

Determining your color type is not difficult at all, but knowing it will help you not to make a mistake with the selection of the color of hair dye, makeup or clothes. After all, how often can you notice on the street that some girls wear clothes of those shades that do not suit them at all. To avoid this, you just need to understand yourself. Let’s get acquainted with the «deep autumn» color type and its palette.

Appearance color type «deep autumn»

In principle, the autumn and spring color types are in many ways similar to each other, but each of them has its own small features that allow you to draw a clear line of separation.

Color of the skin. Girls of the autumn color type have delicate skin of peach or golden hues, sometimes ivory. Also, it is autumn girls that are most often the happy owners of sun marks — freckles.

Hair color. The appearance of late autumn can be distinguished from other color types, first of all, by the color of the hair. All representatives of this type have reddish hair. With a reddish tint, they also have eyebrows, and sometimes eyelashes.

Eye color. Varies from light tones of green, gray and blue to a rich chestnut shade. Quite often, the girls of this color type have golden blotches near the pupil, making their cat-like look mischievous and radiant.

Clothing for the «deep autumn» color type

The main thing when choosing shades of clothing is to remember that the autumn color type needs soft shades. The colors of the autumn forest are ideal — orange, yellow, gold, beige, pistachio, brick red. The top of the clothes should be in light colors, but the bottom (trousers, skirts) can be darker shades. In addition, a girl of this color type cannot wear black or gray hats, it is better to opt for various shades of brown — they will give the face a pleasant shade.

Makeup for the «deep autumn» color type

Foundation, powder and blush must be chosen in gold, peach and beige shades. In the same tones it is necessary to do the rest of the makeup. From lipstick, in addition to the already named colors, cherry, rich red, red with an eggplant shade are suitable for autumn. Among the shadows for an evening out, you can choose lilac, purple, emerald and blue shades.


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