color type deep winter

Each woman is a representative of a certain color type, which suits certain shades of outfits and cosmetics. However, in all seasons there are subtypes, thanks to which you can get a more accurate description of a person’s appearance. For example, if a girl has black hair, blue eyes and pale skin, then she can be attributed to the “winter” season. But what kind of color type of winter does it belong to: deep, warm or light — that’s another question.

The ability to determine the color type of your appearance depends on how beautiful and harmonious you will look in one or another clothes. This knowledge will also be useful in creating the right and suitable makeup for you.

The main features of the color type of appearance «deep winter»

In another way, this option sounds like “deep winter”. Women with a cold color are usually associated with elegance and restraint. The skin has a pale and even porcelain tint, in some cases it can be olive with a bluish undertone. The eyes are always bright and have a pure color, without any impurities. They can be jet black, rich brown, sapphire, icy and deep green. Proteins are snow-white and shiny, which creates a certain contrast.

The hair color of the “deep winter” color type also has cold shades. In most cases, it is black and dark chestnut. However, there may be lighter options.

Colors of clothes of the “deep winter” color type

The main feature of «deep winter» is that a rich palette of colors suits it. Colors can be bright and saturated, but stay within the boundaries of pure and cold tones. Representatives of the “deep winter” color type are ideally suited for contrasting combinations. It is strictly forbidden to wear clothes in warm colors, otherwise the image will turn out to be inexpressive and ordinary.

At the heart of the wardrobe should be pure colors, such as black, red, deep blue, anthracite and dark chocolate. In addition, women of this type look majestic in ruby ​​red, lingonberry, raspberry, rich green, and snow white outfits.

Bright representatives of the “deep winter” color type are such celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor, Dita Von Teese, Penelope Cruz, Cindy Crawford, Monica Bellucci, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway.


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