Color type light spring

It’s amazing — we are all so different, each is not like the other, with its own zest, with its own style. And designers offer only four color types, into which all the fair sex is divided. Let’s talk in more detail about the color type of appearance «bright spring».

Color type — girl-spring

Girls with this color type are distinguished by light blond hair color. At the same time, the shades can be completely different — ashy, wheaten, golden, honey, reddish and others. Eye color can be absolutely anything. The main thing is light and warm shades of skin and hair. By the way, skin tone is a fundamental factor in determining the color type. Therefore, even if the shade of the hair is cold and the skin is warm, then the girl will belong to the warm color type.

Color type «spring» — colors in clothes

A spring girl should pay attention to light shades for creating makeup. If we talk about the wardrobe of the “spring” color type, then it would be ideal to choose summer and evening clothes in light shades. It is better to save clothes in dark colors for a casual and business look. Light and dark shades can be combined, but light colors are best placed closer to the face.

A sporty spring girl can choose clothes for an active look in brighter colors. Not very saturated shades are shown to be combined with other colors — they are ideally applicable to the basic wardrobe of the «spring» color type.

If you find it difficult to independently determine which colors suit you best, seek help from a test called draping. Hair must be removed under a scarf, there is no makeup on the face. Various draperies are applied to the face, which, as it were, illuminate the skin of the face. If warm shades suit you, then you can be sure that your color type is “light spring”.


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