color type soft autumn

Surely you have heard that all people are divided into four color types. However, there are also subtypes that do not give a general description, but have a more specific spectrum of color definition.

Take, for example, «soft autumn», which is a warm type. Such a woman is characterized by such features as blue-gray, gray-green, smoky, light brown and turquoise eyes. The hair color of the “soft autumn” color type can also have different colors — this is light blond, and faded blond, and ash chestnut. Women with this appearance are considered very gentle and romantic persons. Facial features take on soft lines due to warm hues.

Appearance color type «soft autumn» and clothes

The main feature of this color is the presence of autumn colors with a slight influence of summer. Therefore, the color scheme of clothing should be in the range from warmer to slightly cool shades. For example, olive, salmon and mahogany are considered ideal for this type. You should also pay attention to such colors as brown, light yellow, pale blue, khaki, yellow-green, pink-beige, but you can also experiment with fuchsia and bright turquoise. However, when choosing clothes, you should not focus only on these colors. Since each person is individual, you can check whether the chosen shade suits you by applying it to your face. If the skin is shining, then this thing is yours, but if the image begins to fade, then it is better to choose something else. Well, a skillful combination of colors will only emphasize your originality and irresistibility.

Color type «soft autumn» and makeup

The appearance should be dominated by soft and muted tones, without sharp transitions and contrasts. For the base, it is better to give preference to warm and natural shades. It is also worth remembering that the black color for “soft autumn” is heavy, so it is undesirable to use it in makeup. It is better to replace pencil and ink with a different shade, for example, coffee or milk chocolate. As for the shadows, in this case it is worth excluding white, replacing it with sand, caramel, mocha, gray-blue and light brown. You can also play with emerald green, gold, peach, copper, bronze and lavender.

Lipstick, like everything else, should also be chosen in a range of warm shades. Bright colors should be avoided, for example, it is better to replace red with something close to orange or scarlet. Soft shades of caramel, light pink, copper, light brown, as well as various lip glosses in neutral tones are also welcome.


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