If we briefly describe the “summer” color type, then this is a combination of light or swarthy skin with its coldness and marbling. Therefore, when choosing colors in clothes for the “summer” color type, it is important to eliminate the annoying flaw, and not accentuate it with warm, pure colors. If you belong to this color type, in clothes you should make a choice in favor of soft, cold, complex shades. And we will tell you which colors are suitable for the “summer” color type.

Pink, red and orange shades

Gray, lilac, brown shades of pastel pink, dark and pale shades of seductive red and brownish-pink shades of summer orange — this is exactly the palette of colors that best suits the “summer” color type. But the owners of this color type should not dream about these colors in their “pure” manifestation.

Yellow, green and blue shades

In this palette, suitable colors for the “summer” color type are all pale and lightish shades of yellow (except for a greenish tint), shades of green close to bluish and yellowish, and all soft shades of blue.

Browns, purples and neutrals

The freedom of choice in this palette is amazing! By itself, this color is not simple and dim, so the wardrobe can be selected, focusing on any shades of brown, being careful only of those that come close to yellow. Grayish, magenta and bluish shades of lilac are the best solution for this. Only a frankly lilac tone is excluded, which is able to almost completely “discolor” the face. But in neutral shades there are no exceptions. Milk, latte, silver, asphalt, all shades of gray, khaki, cream, bleached oak — the nobility of these shades will emphasize facial features, the fullness of color perception and the exoticism of your type of appearance.


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