Color type winter colors in clothes

It so happened that the generally accepted standards of beauty most correspond to girls with the “winter” appearance color type. These are, as a rule, happy owners of light porcelain skin, dark hair, bright and piercing eyes. Thanks to their natural colors, women with the “winter” color type have an excellent opportunity to create a perfect look using the entire palette of rich, cold and contrasting colors, both in clothes and in makeup. With their help, «winter» acquires a special brightness and showiness worthy of admiration.

We will talk in more detail about which colors are suitable for the “winter” color type in this article.

Basic winter wardrobe

This type of appearance is not in vain called “winter”, because, like a fine winter day, it is built on contrasts. Hence the suitable palette for the “winter” color type — cold and piercing colors.

As basic things, you can safely choose deep black and blue, dark brown, white. You can add bright colors and emphasize the features of your appearance with the help of:

  • juicy shade of a bright rose;
  • deep coniferous, black-green or emerald hue;
  • a rich palette of red (for example, cold red with a blue tint, ruby ​​red, crimson and others);
  • saturated purple, lilac;
  • deep blue;
  • bright yellow.

An excellent solution for a solemn exit is a snow-white outfit, it can be a dress or a sundress, or trousers with an equally bright top.

The easiest way to remember which colors go to the “winter” color type is to draw a parallel with a sunny winter day.

But it is worth giving up light brown, beige, orange, yellow-red, coffee shade and all warm pastel colors.

In other words, the owners of the “winter” appearance color type can wear clothes of any color, but in order to emphasize natural beauty, you need to make sure that the chosen shade is cold and the created image is contrasting.


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