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Applying makeup is an art that every woman needs to master. Today, there are practically no girls left who would not use cosmetics. But before resorting to her help, it is worth knowing a little more about yourself.

Determining your color type will help in creating the right and beautiful makeup. Choosing the right palette of colors, a woman will look as natural as possible and, of course, stylish. So, we bring to your attention a review in which we will talk about which makeup is most suitable for the “winter” color type.

Characteristic features of the «cold» type

The main distinguishing feature of a “winter” woman is clear contrasts — these are dark hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, and light, sometimes even pale skin. But the eyes can be not only black and brown, but even blue and green. This color type is considered quite rare, so all women related to it are considered hand-written beauties.

Makeup for the color type of appearance «winter»

Due to the fact that the natural facial features of these ladies are expressive, they can safely do without makeup, but you always want to emphasize your beauty and femininity. So, during the day, you can use more natural tones, applying a transparent base and creating a barely noticeable blush. Eyes can be emphasized with mascara and eyeliner, and lips can be applied with pink or scarlet lipstick, but you can also do with a transparent gloss.

Evening makeup for the “winter” color type can be saturated and brighter, but if you decide to make up your lips with red lipstick, then your eyes should be more natural. And vice versa. The emphasis is always on one thing, otherwise the image will turn out to be heavy and ordinary. For example, a great solution is smokey ice makeup. To create it, highlight the upper eyelid with dark shadows. A little higher, starting from the border of shading, apply a light shade, reaching the inner corners of the eyes. Line the edge of the lower eyelid with a black pencil, add dark shadows and blend well again. For a more playful look, you can use eyeliner. Give your lashes fullness and volume with a special mascara. In this case, it is no longer worth highlighting the lips, it is better to choose a transparent gloss or light-colored lipstick.

Finally, I would like to note that for women whom nature has endowed with the “winter” color type, colors such as red, white, black, blue, pink, emerald, purple and yellow-lemon are suitable.


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