Color types of people

The ingenious idea to divide people into several color types belongs to Max Factor. Many designers, stylists and ordinary women follow simple rules for choosing colors for clothing and makeup. Let’s figure out how to correctly determine the color types of people, and in general what it is.

Color types of women

In fact, everything is very simple, the female color type is a combination of the color of your hair, eyes and skin, which is classified according to special methods. In total, there are four groups of people by type — «winter», «spring», «summer» and «autumn». Determining your color type is not so difficult.

«Winter» are brunettes or brown-haired women with light eyes, such as blue, gray-green or gray-blue, and fair skin.

«Spring» is fair-haired and light-eyed girls. The skin is light and translucent, sometimes with a milky sheen.

«Summer» — blond girls with light brown or blue eyes, skin color is light with an olive tint.

«Autumn» — hair color is chestnut, red, copper, brown, eyes are green or brown. The skin is light, slightly yellowish or swarthy.

The color palette of female color types

Winter women The black and white palette is perfect. Also opt for muted shades of purple, pink, turquoise, and coffee. Warm tones of orange, red, blue, bright yellow and green are categorically not suitable.

Girl spring can afford clothes in turquoise, golden, peach, coral and terracotta colors. Dark and cold shades are best left aside.

Summer color type bright and calm colors will decorate. Avoid saturated shades of brown, green and yellow.

Autumn beauties to the face all warm shades, including the colors of withering leaves. Bronze, copper and gold are ideal. That’s just worth abandoning the bright cold tones.

There are only four color types of girls, but each of them is subdivided into several more subtypes. We can’t all be the same! The basic rules apply to everyone, but, nevertheless, there are exceptions.


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