Curls on a square - 40 photos of the most fashionable hairstyles

An excellent hairstyle that almost all women like is curls on a square. If you make them for such a haircut, then the girl will look even more impressive. Depending on the structure of the strands, these elements can be made large or small.

Types of curls on the square

Kare is a classic haircut, adored by all women. It is suitable for romantic or casual looks, for bright and catchy bows. Often styling curls on a square is done with a curling iron, ironing or curlers, mousse, hairspray and a comb to separate the strands. The types of curls on the square are as follows:

  1. Large curls that look great on hair of sufficient density. They can be curled with a hair dryer, brushing, thick curling iron. This styling helps to create feminine and romantic looks.
  2. Volumetric curls look best on thin hair. Such hairstyles look luxurious and attractive, although they are not suitable for everyday wear.
  3. Light curls on the square — an option for everyday wear. Hairstyle can be done very quickly and without any extra effort. Can be done with a hair dryer, brushing, curling iron or curlers.
  4. Sloppy curls look incredibly beautiful. They are arranged in a chaotic manner and are suitable for everyday bows or informal meetings. It is not necessary to fix them, the wind will only decorate the hairstyle.
  5. Beach curls look like wet hair, as if the girl had just swum in the pond and dries the strands in the sun. You can do it with a hairdryer or ironing with the addition of a huge amount of foam.
  6. Broken curls have the shape of a zigzag. Create them with tongs.
  7. Hollywood curls (waves) help to feel like a famous actress invited to the red carpet. For them, use hairpins, clips, strong fixation varnish and curling iron.
  8. Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. This is an unusual caret styling, which is done using large curlers or a thick curling iron.

types of curls on a squarestyling curls on a squarehairstyle on a square of curls

Large curls on a square

An excellent choice for owners of a thick mop of hair is voluminous curls on a square. There are many ways to create them:

  1. Before curling curls, it is very important to wash your hair well. You can make them with the help of ironing, starting to grab the strands from the face. It would be nice to fix the finished hairstyle with varnish.
  2. You can also make curls on a square with a curling iron, then the curl is made from the roots to the tips. This will help you get smooth curls without creases.
  3. Good curls are obtained if you use curlers. There are several types of them: Velcro, thermal curlers, boomerangs, «magic» curlers, velvet curlers, plastic curlers.
  4. Some girls use a blow dryer with a diffuser to create curls. You can take a regular hair dryer and brushing.

large curls on the square

Small curls on the square

Small stylish curls on the square look incredibly impressive. It is worth noting that they are not suitable for every girl, because the face becomes too voluminous because of them. This hairstyle looks best on tall and slender girls with graceful features, and they do not suit chubby girls with large features at all. You can make small curls on a square in the following ways:

  1. Pigtails. The easiest and most non-damaging way. It is best to braid braids at night.
  2. Curler. Small curlers or bobbins will do.
  3. Curling iron, tongs, iron. The most important thing here is to protect your hair with thermal protective cosmetics.

small curls on the square

Surf curls on a square

Surf light curls on the square are simply adorable. It refreshes the image, makes it bright and positive. It is worth remembering that the curls should not look clear and too tight. The most important thing here is negligence, which looks as natural as possible. It is very easy to make such styling. It suits girls with absolutely any type of face. It helps to get rid of a few extra years, so it is ideal for older ladies.

Devices that allow you to make surf curls on a square are as follows:

  1. Hairdryer, preferably with a cone-shaped nozzle. Hair should be absolutely clean and slightly damp. You can treat them with egg white.
  2. A styler that allows you to make beach curls very quickly. It must be applied to the hair and, for example, to straighten the hair braided.
  3. Curling iron. Helps create the most luxurious hair.
  4. It is mandatory to fix the hair with a spray or a bandage on the head.

surf curls on a square

Hollywood curls on a square

Hollywood curls on a long bob is a hairstyle that allows any girl to feel chic. Such waves have their own specifics that distinguish them from other curls. How can you make curls in this style:

  1. Wash your hair and use styling products and heat protection.
  2. Dry the hair with a hairdryer and comb with a round comb from the roots, make a parting.
  3. You can lay curls from any strands, it all depends on convenience. It is necessary to wind them in one direction so that they lie as neatly as possible.
  4. With an iron, you can grab a strand of hair near the roots and turn the device down.
  5. The hairstyle is fixed with hairspray.

Hollywood curls on a square

Afro curls on a square

African beautiful curls curls on an elongated caret — a very elastic hairstyle that makes the hair incredibly voluminous. With its help, you can correct the imperfections of the face. Curls look great on tall girls with a small or oblong face. This will highlight the girl from the crowd, attracting the attention of men. Options for creating African curls are as follows:

  1. Pigtails. You need to make very small braids, then leave them for several hours, but better at night. Then they are carefully untwisted and fixed with varnish. For more volume, you can make a bouffant at the roots.
  2. With the help of curlers. Suitable for girls with short hair.
  3. With an iron or curling iron. The smaller the fixture, the smaller the curls are.
  4. With the help of pins. The hairstyle will be incredibly magnificent.
  5. With the help of a thread. This is the easiest option that does not require a huge investment of money.

afro curls on a square

Broken curls on a square

A trend that has been popular for a long time is broken beautiful curls on a square. They look great on hair of any length, while the bend does not have to be sharp. Hairstyle can be created in the following ways:

  1. With the help of braids. The most important thing is to do them on wet hair. The smaller the braid, the more voluminous the hairstyle will turn out. The braids at the ends are fixed with rubber bands.
  2. Using a flat iron. There is even a special device for creating broken curls, but it is very expensive.
  3. Broken curls on a square with an iron with a corrugated nozzle.
  4. Using curlers: clips of a triangular design.
  5. With a diffuser and hair dryer.

broken curls on a square

Texture curls on the square

Textured curls look very interesting. They lie in beautiful voluminous waves, making the face more attractive and feminine. All curls are very delicate and suitable for any girl:

  1. To create a caret with curls at the ends, use mousse, foam, special gels, varnishes.
  2. Some prefer not to use hot styling methods for curling curls, simply braiding braids, using a hairpin or thread and fixing the finished hairstyle. It all depends on the convenience of the woman.

texture curls on the square

Beach curls on a square

Beach careless curls on a square are one of the best variations of this hairstyle. They look very impressive and beautiful, as natural as possible. You can not even try too hard when winding, because the hair should not look too defined, as if it was specially curled. The creation options are:

  1. Braids. Great option for medium thick hair. Must be done on wet hair.
  2. From bunches. Suitable if the hair is thin. It is best to leave hair overnight.
  3. With the help of flagella and ironing. So you can make curls even on thin hair that does not hold volume.
  4. With the use of papillots (curlers in the form of flexible sticks).
  5. Curling iron. It is best to protect your hair with a heat protectant.
  6. Iron.

beach curls on a square

Beautiful curls on the square

Making beautiful curls on a spectacular square is very simple. This is a luxurious hairstyle that gives femininity and beauty. Before styling, it is advisable to wash your hair well, disassemble it into strands and treat it with a styling agent. You can curl curls in the following ways:

  1. Curling iron. First you need to make a parting, pin up excess hair, and form curls.
  2. Iron. The finished hairstyle on the square curls is fixed with varnish.
  3. diffuser. The effect will not be the same as when using the previous two methods, but these curls also look beautiful.
  4. Curler. The size of the curls also depends on the size of these devices.
  5. With brushing and clips.
  6. Using flagella.

beautiful curls on the squarehairstyle on a square of curlsstylish curls on the square

Curls on a square with bangs

The bangs can be in harmony with the square, braided into curls. It is worth considering these simple rules:

  • thick and straight bangs do not look good with curls in all cases, in such a situation it is better to make them large;
  • if the bangs are rare, straight or oblique, then you can either not touch it, or weave it into curls;
  • It is very important to focus on the type and shape of your face. Hairstyle curls on a square on the leg should look organic, decorating the girl.

curls on a square with bangs

Curls on a bob

Bob-caret is a hairstyle that many girls like due to its versatility and functionality. It is appropriate for any situation, and curls can also be made from it, and they are completely different: both elastic, and soft, and beach, and large, and small. To do this, use a curling iron or iron:

  1. You can achieve the effect of a perm by wetting each strand with foam and wrapping it around a hairpin, performing actions that follow the contours of the infinity sign. All this is held with an elastic band and treated with varnish. After 2-3 hours, you can finalize the hairstyle.
  2. Large curls on a short square are best obtained with the help of thermal curlers. You should not do such a hairstyle every day, it harms your hair.
  3. Careless curls can be formed with gel and mousse, dried with hair dryers and twisted with a round comb. For more volume, you can make a bouffant at the roots.

bob curls

Curls on a caret with lengthening

An excellent hairstyle that looks extremely beautiful is curls on an elongated square. It suits girls with different types of faces, giving femininity and originality. Light curls are best suited for such a haircut. For example, zigzag curls made with an iron look good.

curls on a caret with elongation

Curls on an asymmetrical bob

Asymmetric caret — the original haircut. If you make curls on a square 2019, then such a hairstyle will reflect the originality and unusualness of a woman. Although it looks great, it is still advisable not to make too strong curls. It is best to do a Hollywood or casual variation of the hairstyle.

curls on an asymmetrical bob

Curls on the square on the side

Another original haircut will help make curls on the square on one side. The hairstyle is different in that the hair is combed to one side and concentrated near one specific half of the face:

  1. Large or beach curls, chaotic and careless hairstyles will look best.
  2. Hollywood waves will also fit well into the image.

curls on the square on the side

Wedding curls on a square

Great hairstyle for a wedding — curls on a straight bob:

  1. Strands can be laid on one side, make a small waterfall or bouffant, a lush bun, make playful curls and complement them with a flower or veil.
  2. Curls with a braid wrapped around the head look interesting.

wedding curls on a square


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