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A deep neckline on the back is a simple and effective way to become the star of the evening. Today, dresses with an open back are extremely popular, and in this article we will talk about dresses with a cutout on the back.

Beautiful cutouts on the back

A teardrop neckline on the back is a hit this year. It is noticeable enough to make the outfit sexy, but at the same time elegant enough not to make the image vulgar. Most often it is used in loose sundresses, T-shirt dresses and tunics.

The triangular, V-shaped neckline on the back is a timeless classic. It is most often used for evening and wedding dresses.

For bold youth outfits, you can use fantasy cutouts — in the form of a cross, skull, flower, heart, or several intersecting circles. Narrow longitudinal cutouts on loose dresses look very nice — when moving, they either close or open the back.

The neckline on the back (drop, circle, triangle or square) can be decorated with bows, ruffles, lace, rhinestones, spikes, rivets or any other kind of decor that suits the style.

How to achieve wow effect?

To look luxurious with an open back, and not pathetic, remember the simple rules:

  1. Watch your posture. If you open your back, take care to «hold» it.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Let the back be the only accent of the dress. Refuse the combination of open back, deep neckline, short length and other cut-outs in one dress. Such an excess does not look at all sexy, but rather vulgar and cheap.
  3. Take care of your skin. Pimples, peeling, redness or loose skin on the back are a reason to refuse a dress with a cutout at the back.
  4. Choose the right underwear. No matter how beautiful the bra is, it should not be visible from under the dress. Choose special models with hidden straps or use silicone sticker cups.
  5. Train your muscles. Fat folds or «hanging» sides are not the best allies when creating an image with an open back. If your physical form is far from ideal, it is better to cover your back.


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