What woman has not wondered how to choose the right jewelry for the neckline of the dress? Of course, the most faithful adviser is your own taste, but still, there are certain rules, following which you will surely look great. Let’s consider this question in more detail.

Neckline of the dress and various decorations

decorations and neckline of the dress

  1. V-neck. One of my favorite cuts. Very effectively emphasizes the bust. That is why a pendant that goes into the neckline will be an excellent decoration for such a dress. Necklaces and multi-layer jewelry are also suitable for this option.
  2. Square cut. In this case, short jewelry will look elegant: a necklace at the neck, a small string of pearls.
  3. Boat cutout. Long beads are the best option, but a small pendant on a non-bulky chain also looks good enough.
  4. Heart cutout. Despite the fact that this neckline is the most original, there is nothing difficult in choosing jewelry! Decorations for the neckline of the dress in this case are any, that is, what you want.
  5. U-shaped cut. And this type of neck suggests only two options for neck jewelry: reminiscent of the neckline itself in shape and short, adjacent to the neck.
  6. Asymmetrical cut. Completely excludes jewelry on the neck! Put on earrings, a bracelet and be charming.

At the end of our conversation about the neckline on the dress and jewelry, I would like to remind you that the measure is the basis of a successful image. Don’t wear the whole «box», limit yourself to a couple of jewelry. It happens that a few extra rings on the hand, or bracelets, can hopelessly ruin the entire ensemble.


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