Delicate New Year's manicure - a photo review of the most fashionable design options

New Year’s gentle manicure is a celebration of elegant minimalism, made in cold pastel shades. A variety of sophisticated designs with an abundance of glittery additions will be an amazing option for a festive night. Fashionistas can pick up nail art suitable for any look.

Delicate New Year’s manicure 2020

Intense peach, pink, milky, sparkling white, brown, powdery shades not only look spectacular, but also suit any skin tone. Along with the above tones, saturated and bright shades of purple, red, blue and green are relevant. Particularly popular are two-color and three-color manicure, decorated with sparkles and voluminous decor.

Delicate New Year's manicure 2020

A variety of decor in trendy solutions is presented in all its splendor — pixie crumbs, multi-colored kamifubuki, neat beads, voluminous rhinestones, crinkled and transfer foil, various sparkles, bouillons. With the help of foil, you can create a trendy mirror gold or silver manicure, which is the best fit for the meeting of the year of the Metal Rat.

Delicate New Year's manicure 2020

The painting is in demand, which can be replaced by stickers. There are many options for illustrations made against a background of pastel shades. Christmas and New Year motifs in the form of snowflakes, Santa, Christmas decorations and clocks compete with portraits and winter landscapes. The trend is nail art called eye see you. This gentle manicure for the New Year 2020 has many variations. It can be an image of an eye, eyelashes or faces of girls with carefully written features.

Delicate New Year's manicure 2020

Flawless minimalism and a geometric motif, complemented by bright details, are also in trend. Clear laconic lines look perfect on short and long nails. Two-tone manicure and nail art with themed inscriptions are mega trendy this season. Delicate New Year’s manicure in the negative space style is in demand among fashionistas of all ages.

Delicate New Year's manicure 2020

Delicate New Year’s manicure for short nails

The master recommends that the owners of a short phalanx do not overload the nail art decor and choose pastel and nude shades. This season, the trend is a stylish gray shade, which is a great backdrop for the New Year theme. It looks luxurious in combination with delicate beige, pink and milky. The most delicate New Year’s manicure is easy to create with the help of small sequins of various shapes, knitting, ethnic painting, complemented by sequins, or large rhinestones placed on an accent nail.

Delicate New Year's manicure for short nails

Painting in the style of minimalism is also perfect for decorating the nail plate. To diversify the art will help several colors close in tone, harmoniously combined within the same design. Rubbing is appropriate in combination with a glossy or matte finish, which looks very impressive and not vulgar. A gentle New Year’s manicure for short nails can be decorated with glitter sand, small rhinestones, and shiny tape.

Delicate New Year's manicure for short nails

Delicate New Year’s manicure for long nails 2020

To create a festive nail art, the masters recommend choosing delicate shades, using them in a monophonic design, but with a brilliant decor — massive rhinestones on the accent nail. Owners of long nails of almond or rectangular shape may prefer marble manicure, which looks very elegant. No less interesting is the so-called quilted nail art, which will be a great solution for a business lady.

Delicate New Year's manicure for long nails 2020

The “Spider web” nail design in a festive version allows the use of brilliant decor — sparkles, rhinestones, foils. Placed on long nails and New Year’s inscriptions like Marry Christmas, Happy New Year, Keep calm and drink wine. Let’s say the original decor, consisting of a non-standard form of rhinestones or other interesting bright additions. Delicate New Year’s manicure for long nails can be either matte or glossy.

Delicate New Year's manicure for long nails 2020

Ideas for a gentle New Year’s manicure

Luxurious options for New Year’s design with images of New Year’s attributes are in trend, among which snowflakes and Christmas trees are especially in demand. Girls who prefer a cozy casual style in clothes choose a Scandinavian ornament. Delicate New Year’s nails 2020 are richly decorated with rhinestones and pearls, sprinkled with sparkles or complemented with decorative elements. Lunar manicure, gradient, velvet or mirror nail art competes in popularity with a monochromatic coating with dull sparkles in the form of stars, geometric shapes or hearts.

Ideas for a gentle New Year's manicure

Gentle manicure for the new year with sparkles

Several accent nails are decorated with sequins, although bolder decisions are also appropriate in a festive manicure — some fashionistas decorate nails of small length completely with silver. But such a bright option is only valid for New Year’s Eve. Delicate New Year’s nail design with a shiny stripe on the ring finger looks very elegant and gentle. Sequins can also lay out drawings of New Year’s symbols — Christmas trees, toys, snowflakes. Another interesting option is the image of a fabulous unicorn on an accent nail.

Gentle manicure for the new year with sparkles

An interesting New Year’s manicure in delicate colors with multi-colored diamond-shaped sparkles will appeal to bright young ladies with long oval nails. Owners of rectangular shaped nails will like matte nail art in a trendy gray shade with pieces of foil on accent nails. Ladies who are not afraid to disapproval of the main symbol of 2020 will love the leopard print decorated with foil, combined with a milky coating.

Gentle manicure for the new year with sparkles

Delicate manicure for the new year with rhinestones

Delicate nail design for the New Year provides for a moderate amount of rhinestones. They are used in different ways — they decorate the holes of an inverted jacket, they lay out drawings of the main New Year’s symbols or a horizontal line from them, which from a distance resembles a ring worn on a nail. Small pebbles with a metallic sheen adorn the accent nail when performing a jacket. Brave ladies combine large rhinestones with sparkles — this solution allows you to create a luxurious and beautiful delicate New Year’s manicure.

Delicate manicure for the new year with rhinestones

Pale blue New Year’s manicure

Light shades of blue are one of the most popular shades in the theme of New Year’s manicure. Specialists also combine the heavenly shade with midnight, creating a harmonious contrasting nail art. New Year’s manicure in gentle colors can be made in the form of a jacket or even play the role of a background for winter landscapes, painted with a brush or pasted.

Pale blue New Year's manicure

Owners of short nails can choose a turquoise monochromatic manicure, decorated with trendy golden sparkles. And delicate azure nail art on long nails allows decoration with voluminous stones of incredible beauty, which are easy to confuse with natural minerals. Patterned painting in white tones looks very gentle and elegant on blue nails.

Pale blue New Year's manicure

Pale pink New Year’s manicure

Beautiful gentle manicure for the New Year, many girls do in pink. Nail art with New Year’s painting and pink sparkles will appeal to young ladies who love delicate nail art. Glitter can only lightly sprinkle the nail plate or thickly cover one of the accent nails with it. The image can be anything — a mouse, Santa’s reindeer, Christmas decorations, a clock with arrows for 12 at night.

Pale pink New Year's manicure

Delicate manicure for the New Year — rubbing

The mirror effect, lovely multi-colored overflows and the most delicate pearl shine on the nails provide nail art with an attractiveness that delights even sophisticated fashionistas. Holographic, chrome, pearl and other types of rubbing have their own characteristics and differ in richness of shades. But the most popular is the mirror rub, which the hostess of 2020, the Metal Rat, will definitely like. «Northern Lights» is another very gentle New Year’s manicure 2020.

Delicate manicure for the New Year rubbing

Delicate New Year’s manicure with a pattern

Christmas gentle manicure differs in brightness and variety. New Year’s design 2020 can combine different illustrations. Many masters decorate them with shiny elements that give nail art a special charm. Stickers are used to create a clear and most accurate manicure with a pattern. The illustration can depict both traditional New Year symbols and fairy-tale characters, such as a Christmas rabbit or an elaborate Christmas ornament. Imitation of a knitted sweater is one of the favorite designs of modern fashionistas.

Delicate New Year's manicure with a pattern

Delicate New Year’s manicure with silver

Bright nail art with silver is often created using white and black colors. Sequins or silver foil decorate mainly 1-2 nails, and the rest of the manicure is performed in a plain or multi-colored design. Silver decorates geometric lines, moon manicure holes, French smile. Delicate shiny New Year’s manicure «Millennium» provides for covering the tips of the nails with sparkles, which are smoothly replaced by a plain varnish. A neat painting will further decorate the New Year’s nails. Delicate tones will be an excellent background for silver inclusions.

Delicate New Year's manicure with silver

Gentle New Year’s French manicure

In the winter season 2020, gentle French New Year’s manicure has become the main trend. And many fashionistas prefer it as a New Year’s nail art. Masters advise to complement the jacket with velor glitter or shimmer. A classic white jacket is combined with a moon manicure. A variety of shiny additions are also appropriate here. And discreet young ladies will like a jacket with a trendy matte finish.

Gentle New Year's French manicure (2)

And the rhinestones on the accent nail look especially impressive in the New Year’s design. A manicure in delicate colors for the New Year using the French technique can be complemented by geometric motifs. Strict lines can be lined with rhinestones or decorated with them. Relevant painting in the New Year’s style, which looks very harmonious with the jacket. Snowmen, mittens, confetti, snowflakes and gift wrappers are highly sought after images.

Gentle New Year's French manicure

Gentle nude New Year’s manicure

Nude nail art captivates with laconic elegance. Owners of dark skin should opt for coffee and light brown tones, and girls with fair skin will suit beige, peach, flesh and pink tones. Complement nude nail art with flock, manicure powder, sparkles and rhinestones. Amazingly nude shades look both on long and short nails.

Gentle nude New Year's manicure (2)

This season, fashion gurus are advised to dilute manicures for the New Year with bright additions. Delicate almonds or a strict rectangle go well with thematic patterns, ethnic, patterned and even floral motifs. At the same time, not only a spruce branch, but even a flower can be depicted on the accent nail — as a reminder of spring. And the simplest manicure is nude nail art with small rhinestones or ball-shaped sparkles scattered over the entire surface of the nails.

Gentle nude New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure with delicate flowers

The shade of manicure can be chosen for a very long time. Fashion industry gurus have made things easy for today’s fashionistas and have identified a few on-trend nude colors to look out for. Luxurious nail art masters recommend creating in cold colors of blue, pink, purple, lemon, brown and lilac. These shades can be safely combined within the same composition.

New Year's manicure with delicate flowers (2)

The trend remains snowy white, which evokes a strong association with snow, and a milky shade. And the tone of a dusty rose, caramel or powder will be an excellent option for every day, which can be given a festive touch with bright splashes, interesting decor or painting. Delicate New Year’s nails (the almond shape is especially harmonious in combination with pastel shades) are very diverse and multifaceted.

Delicate New Year's manicure with mice

Delicate New Year’s manicure with mice

The hostess of 2020, pasted or painted on nails, looks incredibly attractive and cute. This is a stylish gentle New Year’s manicure, the background of which is blue, lilac, coffee, gray tones. The mouse is often accompanied by cats, cheese, New Year’s attributes. The mouse can be a funny cartoon character or even resemble a real rodent.

New Year's manicure with delicate flowers


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