belly-hiding dresses

Not every woman can boast of an ideal figure. And first of all, treacherously demonstrates the result of errors in the diet, of course, the stomach. We will not go into details about the possible methods of dealing with extra centimeters at the waist, but let’s talk about the styles of dresses that hide the stomach.

Solutions to the problem

The tummy is the most vulnerable place on the body of the fair half. In addition, it can acquire a rounded shape for various reasons. This is not only the abuse of sweets and a passive lifestyle, but also, possibly, the onset of pregnancy or a postpartum feature. In any case, a woman has the right to hide the completeness or future replenishment from the eyes of others.

The easiest way to veil the features of the figure with the right dress. Here are some styles of dresses that will hide a protruding belly:

  1. Empire style dresses are a win-win option. This style of dress with a high waist, which hides extra centimeters on the stomach and other shortcomings of the lower part of the figure, visually slims and makes the silhouette taller.
  2. Dress in the Greek style — free cut with airy and flowing pleats. In such models, the fit can be classic, and the masking effect is achieved through a slight overlap or drapery.
  3. Another style of a dress that hides figure flaws is products with an A-silhouette, of course, such a model will not work for a too large belly, but it can easily hide a couple of extra pounds.
  4. Will make the figure more feminine and graceful wrap dress. The asymmetrical cut, full skirt and sash at the waist create a visual contrast between the hips and the waist.
  5. The dress-robe has a long row of buttons in the center, which makes the figure more elegant.

Each of the styles of dresses that hide the tummy is interesting in its own way, and most importantly, it allows you to adjust the proportions and bring them as close to ideal as possible.


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