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One fashion season is replaced by another, the trends of yesterday are irretrievably gone, making room on the catwalks for new ideas of talented designers, but elegant classics in clothes for girls always remain relevant. And all because elegance is timeless. It is not about choosing a particular style, color or length. An elegant style of clothing is a feeling of harmony with the outside world and with oneself, and this is not at all easy to achieve. What secrets do you need to know in order to fill your wardrobe with beautiful and stylish things that will emphasize the taste of the owner?

Secrets of elegance

Of course, elegance is not only appropriate clothing, but it is she who first determines the opinion of others about us. Beautiful elegant clothes a priori cannot be catchy, defiant, aggressively sexy. A sense of proportion, restraint, thoughtfulness of every detail, perfect harmony of color schemes, impeccable cut and the use of natural fabrics — this is how you can briefly characterize the clothes that girls with excellent taste choose for their wardrobe.

Do not think that such clothes are appropriate only for special occasions and social events. You can stay elegant anywhere and anytime. Elegant business attire for work in the office is a matter of course. Classic trousers, pencil skirts, shirt blouses, vests, fitted jackets and even midi shorts should be present in the wardrobe of a modern business lady.

What about elegance on the beach, in the gym? And this task will be feasible if you make a choice in favor of Greek floor-length sundresses, summer trousers in pastel colors, polo dresses, classic cut sportswear without excessive decor and accessories. Avoid flashy colors, revealing cutouts and necklines, ultra-short lengths and sheer fabrics.


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