Increasingly, we hear this popular word “outrageous” from TV screens and magazine pages, but not everyone knows its meaning, taking it as a synonym for style or fashion. What is shocking really?

Shocking is a violation of all generally accepted norms, turning over the idea of ​​morality, morality and aesthetics. If we are talking about shocking in art, this is a harsh effect, expression, non-standard perception. In contemporary art, we often see outrageous paintings with intentional provocation, such as scenes of same-sex feelings, intentional cruelty, nudity, or other scenes that can shock the audience.

Opinions about the art of shocking in society are very different — some perceive it as a new direction, revealing the special facets of life, while others — as the destruction of all generally accepted values ​​u200bu200bleading to the degradation of society. Naturally, extraordinary approaches will never cause a unanimous reaction.

Outrageous — clothes

Clothing is perhaps the most striking example of outrageousness in modern society. Eccentricity in approaches and styles, causing a violent and ambiguous reaction from others, is a huge success today, and more and more often we see catchy and incongruous color combinations, unusual revealing swimsuits made of unexpected materials, transparent defiant dresses.

Outrageous dresses deserve a separate topic. It can be either a puppet airy dress, or a hard plastic case, or a black mesh defiant outfit with translucent underwear — in a word, everything that can shock others and cause a violent ambiguous reaction.

The art of outrageousness also touched on hairstyles, and today it is increasingly possible to meet girls with unexpected hair colors — blue, red, green shades.

You can stun those around you with your hairstyle even without dyeing your hair — a smoothly shaven head with a tattoo, a mohawk, or a shaved part of the head will cause a violent and ambiguous reaction from the public. This is also one of the brightest examples of shocking.

Outrageous in show business

The first name we associate with the word «outrageous» is Lady Gaga. This person shocks the audience with each new appearance on stage or at an event. Unexpected shades of hair, ranging from natural blonde to silver, green, red, combined with shocking dresses from the most unexpected materials, can shock you. A scandalous and violent reaction was caused by the outrageous outfit of Lega Gaga made of raw meat, in which she appeared before the public at one of the concerts.

The make-up of this scandalous person deserves special attention — stunningly long eyelashes of unnatural colors, bright shadows incompatible with clothes and lip color.

The opinions of the public about Lehi Gaga were severely divided — some are delighted with her unique style and try to imitate their idol in every possible way, while for others this person causes a storm of indignation and indignation. But, as expected, there is not a single person who remains indifferent to her work.

Miley Cyrus can be safely called another bright representative of outrageousness, capable of shocking the public with her outfits and defiant behavior. Semi-nude costumes and completely nude images, combined with discreet makeup and a short, ragged haircut, can cause a stormy and ambiguous reaction from the public. Due to excessive naked shocking, many cities and concert venues, especially in the USA, refuse her performances.


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