Eyebrow architecture - what does it mean, rules, how to choose a shape?

Eyebrow architecture is a whole modern art called «brow art», which not only gives them shape, but also models. First comes the plucking, then the correction according to the basic rules of makeup. The result is a perfect line that suits only you.

What does brow architecture mean?

The architecture and modeling of eyebrows is something without which it is difficult to imagine modern make-up art, when, according to all strict rules, certain actions are taken to improve the overall appearance. «Brow art» is needed if your eyebrows are far from ideal, and then all kinds of makeup techniques are used, with the help of which the line is selected, its correction, coloring and styling of the eyebrows. Indeed, now the once so popular tattoo is already a thing of the past, and it is being replaced by natural forms and curves that are close to natural.

Thick eyebrow architecture is a few simple procedures recommended by stylists, which you can even do yourself, but it is better to turn to experienced masters. They are able not only to correctly, in accordance with your type, pick up a bend and correct it, but also color your eyebrows in the color that suits you best, taking into account your natural qualities:

  • hair color and condition;
  • coloring and shape of the eyes;
  • oval of the face, cheekbones, size of the nose and chin.

Eyebrow architecture rule

Eyebrow shaping architecture is a professional and high-quality approach to correcting minor imperfections in appearance using tweezers, small scissors, corrector and eyebrow and eyelash dye. In advanced technologies, natural henna is increasingly used to give the eyebrows a natural color, natural shine and grooming. It all starts with the calculation of the angles, mentally draw three vertical lines from the edge of the nose at a certain angle, highlighting three points, the beginning of the eyebrow, the highest point and the end.

eyebrow architecture rule

Then the architecture of beautiful eyebrows begins, when excess hairs are removed with tweezers, experienced craftsmen can still cut eyebrows with special scissors and lay out the shape you need. This season, as in the past, natural female attractiveness is in trend, so very thin eyebrows are a thing of the past, and thick eyebrows of saturated colors, skillfully laid at a certain angle, with a bend, a house, arched, horizontal and ascending, are back in fashion.

eyebrow shaping architecture

Eyebrow architecture, how to create the right shape?

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

  1. Stylists advise starting from the oval of the face and its natural shape, if there is a bend or arc, or the eyebrow line goes horizontally, then the correction will be minimal when a woman wants to recreate and emphasize her native shape. Another thing is, if a decision is made to change it, then tweezers and scissors are used, with the help of which various unnecessary hairs are cut and plucked out and the bend that is desired is created.

eyebrow architecture how to shape it correctly

  1. The architecture of the eyebrows takes into account the face, with a round and square face — the best choice if you want to change the native shape, there will be a line with a break, curved and ascending. If you are lucky and you have a perfect oval, then any shape of eyebrows will suit you, it all depends on personal preferences and wishes. With a triangle, it is better to smooth the corners and give the eyes a clear expression with the help of arched and curved shapes, you can look at the horizontal and ascending, but it is better to refuse a sharp break.

how to choose the shape of the eyebrows

Eyebrows with a kink

The current and correct shape of the eyebrows in this coming autumn season is the perfect break, showing the strong-willed character of a woman and the desire to always be in the spotlight, to achieve her goals. This type of visage is suitable for those women of fashion who have regular facial features, close to an oval, because it emphasizes the clarity of geometric lines. Stylists recommend modeling the eyebrow so that the break falls on the highest point of the eyebrow.

eyebrows with a kink

The architecture of the eyebrows with a break involves the division of the eyebrows into three main points, the beginning, the top and the end, and the angle itself is best done starting from the top point or slightly shifted to the right, literally by 5 mm, no more. How to achieve a clear transition? Stylists and experienced makeup artists recommend modeling eyebrows in the salon with good specialists, but if you decide to correct them yourself, then you need to pluck the hairs towards the top, forming an obtuse angle from the middle to the end.

correct eyebrow shape

Curved eyebrows

Do you want to express your face? Do not forget that the beautiful shape of the eyebrows plays a decisive role in appearance. By choosing the right form, you will be transformed beyond recognition for the better. A curved eyebrow can be done easily in the salon, at home you need to know a few secrets from stylists. They suggest starting to form a line from the beginning of the eyebrows, making a kind of curve, where there will be a little more hairs at the base than further towards the middle.

arched eyebrows

The brow architecture with a curved line is similar to the kink technique, only the base is made a little wider than the main curve and the corners are even softer. This form is ideal for women of all ages and types, because it smoothly passes from one corner to another, makes the eyes very expressive, and visually aligns a square or triangular face to an oval.

beautiful eyebrow shape

arched eyebrows

Another seasonal hit that has been in the top leaders for several decades is arched eyebrows. A true retro greeting from the 20th century, when thin plucked strings were in fashion instead of thick and natural eyebrows. Now the trend is not as thin eyebrows as it was then, but the arc remains. This shape goes to those women whose facial features are far from ideal, and are considered triangular, because it softens the corners and visually tends to an oval. How to make a beautiful arc? Makeup artists give some simple tips on the technique of execution.

arched eyebrows

The architecture of the eyebrows with an arc is done easily and simply, avoiding sharp and blunt sharp corners when the hairs are plucked smoothly along the entire line, and the center of the arc coincides with the center of the eyebrows. In the coming season, thin threads and too thick and unkempt, even shaggy eyebrows are unacceptable, everything should be in moderation. The golden mean in this case can be the average thickness and width. Some masters use a special wax to remove excess hairs, it is better not to do it yourself.

arched eyebrows

Eyebrow house

How is the perfect eyebrow shape made? If you decide not to go to the salon, then stylists offer a number of simple rules that will help you adjust your eyebrows so that they add some expressiveness to your face and visually improve it. Firstly, before starting the procedure, it is better to steam your face over a water bath to avoid pain, or apply eye cream on the lines 10 minutes before plucking. Then carefully draw a schematic future eyebrow with a contour pencil and proceed to plucking the hairs.

eyebrow house

Secondly, the architecture of the eyebrows involves plucking along the growth of hairs from the tip to the middle, and then from the base to the break. Do not pluck or cut off the upper contour of the eyebrow, all correction is done along the lower edge and middle. The natural shape of the eyebrow is wide at the base, curved in the middle and thin towards the edge and is called a house, and what is natural, it suits everyone and gives expression to the face and additional French and Hollywood charm.

perfect brow shape

Horizontal eyebrow shape

A real seasonal hit is a fashionable eyebrow shape, which experts call horizontal. It suits the owners of an oval and elongated face, emphasizes the correct proportions, makes the face rounder and visually shorter. The main key to success is the complete symmetry of this eyebrow shape. To make it beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, you should correct the base by removing excess hairs located in the bottom row, and make the head rounded. In this case, you should lengthen the tip, you can use a pencil.

horizontal brow shapetrendy eyebrow shape

Rising eyebrow shape

At the peak of popularity is the shape of the eyebrows, the architecture of which is not very difficult to perform, this line is on the rise. It comes with a raised outer edge, which pairs beautifully with oval, square and rectangle, giving the face a mischievous expression and extra charm. In addition to tweezers and scissors, you can use a solid cosmetic pencil, with which the contour is drawn, and the gaps between the hairs are painted over. The hairs sticking out in different directions are first smoothed with a special brush, and then a fixation gel is applied.

ascending eyebrow shapeeyebrow shape architecture

Eyebrow architecture and color matching

If at the beginning of the process there is a choice of bend and shape, then a contour is drawn, then a correction takes place, then the eyebrows to match the hair color are painted last. It is not always possible to use tone-on-tone hair dye, for example, if they are very light, then the eyebrows should be made two tones darker, and when the hair is too dark, then two tones lighter. The eyes also influence the choice of paint color; for blue-eyed and gray-eyed beauties, it is better not to use very dark tones.

eyebrow architecture and color matching

For example, brown shades of eyebrow paint are better suited for green-eyed people, and for blue-eyed, in addition to brown, you can use not only brown, but also dark gray or graphite. For gray eyes, the ideal choice for eyebrows is light brown and wet asphalt tone. Owners of brown eyes should start from the color of the iris, because paint of various shades should be selected for the color of walnut and chocolate.

eyebrows for hair color

Eyebrow color for blondes

Stylists, answering the question of how to choose the color of the eyebrows, are advised to build on their natural components. For owners of blond hair, for example, blondes and those with light blond hair, gray and dark gray eyebrows are more suitable, a maximum of two tones darker than the shade of their curls. When you want to add contrast or your eyes are brown, then dark eyebrows are allowed using a graphite scale.

eyebrow color for blondeshow to choose eyebrow color

Eyebrow color for brunettes

Brunettes can make eyebrows to match their hair color, and it will not look vulgar, but it will be correct to use paint a maximum of two tones lighter than their shade, then they will not be very striking, but look charming, giving a true French charm to the whole appearance. If you want to add expressiveness, then when painting, you can use dark brown undertones.

eyebrow color for brunetteseyebrows for hair color

Eyebrow color for redheads

According to leading stylists, eyebrows and hair color should be in perfect harmony with each other, so it is better for red-haired beauties to use brown colors when painting eyebrows, or gray graphite if the natural hair color is dark and the eyes are brown. Experienced craftsmen advise natural red-haired fashionistas to look at such tones of paint and shadows, or a pencil that will contain a shade of hair and at the same time be a little darker than the dominant color.

eyebrow color for redheadseyebrow color for redheads

Eyebrow architecture and coloring

Henna brow architecture is based on the same rules as simple brow art. The only difference is in painting, when natural dye is used instead of chemical paints and pencils. Henna is best used in the salon, and eyebrows are done by experienced makeup artists. They will help you decide on the shape, and make a competent correction, and color your eyebrows for a while. Henna stays on the hair for up to one month, and it is convenient and profitable, you don’t have to start every day with styling your eyebrows.

eyebrow architecture and coloring

This is a worthy alternative to tattooing, moreover, harmless, if there is no allergy to henna itself, then it can be used by pregnant and lactating women. After all, it does not contain ammonia and peroxide, so henna is considered an environmentally friendly product that can change your eyebrows for the better for as long as 20 days. Because only naturalness without clear boundaries, so fashionable this season, will give the eyebrows a natural, well-groomed look, and the look — full expressiveness.

henna eyebrow architecture

Eyebrow architecture before and after

If you want to change the shape, then stylists recommend doing it in the salon for the first time, then the eyebrow architecture and long-term styling will turn out to be excellent, and you will only have to slightly adjust at home according to the line already made by the hand of an experienced master. To look your best, you need to take care of your eyebrows, as makeup artists advise getting a tattoo, but when your eyebrows are thick and lush, healthy and well-groomed, it looks much more attractive.

eyebrow architecture before and aftereyebrow architecture and long-term styling


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