Fishtail - a spectacular hairstyle for every day and for special occasions

There are many interesting and beautiful hairstyles for women. Among them is the one that is known as the «fishtail». It is an original type of braid, while its weaving is extremely simple, so it will help you get a spectacular look in a short time.

Fishtail braid

Many young ladies are interested in knowing: what does a fishtail hairstyle look like? This is an extremely effective and original version of the braid, which can be implemented at least every day. This is not so difficult to implement, the main thing is to take into account certain recommendations:

  1. «Fishtail» is a braid that is woven from only two strands, this is its characteristic difference from other types of braids. At the same time, she looks very sophisticated and sophisticated hairstyle. This option is ideal for every day, because you can come up with a new way to interestingly braid your hair.
  2. It is necessary to comb your hair and divide the mop into two identical halves, this will be the first step towards creating a stylish bow. In addition, the braid can be braided from the tail.
  3. Take a small strand and put it on the opposite side, repeat this process on the other side.
  4. Continue the steps until the hair runs out.
  5. Secure your hair with a hair tie.
  6. The main advantage of such a pigtail is its diversity. There are so many options for weaving that at least every day you can appear in a new image. For example, you can make not one braid, but two. The double braid looks good too. In addition, you can make a pigtail that reaches only the middle of the length.

fishtail braidwhat does a fishtail hairstyle look likefishtail hairstyle

Fishtail for short hair

For owners of shortened strands, such a design option as a fishtail haircut is suitable. Although it is believed that such a hairstyle cannot be done on short hair, this is an erroneous assumption. She will look incredibly impressive. To make such a pigtail on short strands, the following points will help:

  1. Wash your hair and dry your hair by pulling your hair out with a hair dryer.
  2. Braid a thin French spikelet on one side.
  3. Weave very thin strands into it.
  4. Somewhere at the level of the ear, make a «fishtail».
  5. On the other side of the parting, braid a regular braid.
  6. Next, make another pigtail and combine it with the first one using a thin elastic band.
  7. Separate the strand at the crown, lift it up and temporarily secure it with a crab hairpin.
  8. Cross thin braids and fishtail at the back of the head and fix with invisibility. Hair, raised temporarily, lower.
  9. Wind the strands with a curling iron and beat the hair with your hands.

fishtail for short hair

Fishtail for medium hair

Such a variation as a fishtail hairstyle for medium hair is excellent in that it looks great. A good version of a braid for medium length can be done in this way:

  1. Start weaving in the same way as if it were a regular French braid. Shift the right strand to the left through the middle one. Do the same with the left strand. You will get two working strands from which the spikelet begins.
  2. Then, in turn, on each side, select a thin strand.
  3. Pry this strand from below with your index finger and shift to the opposite side through the bottom curl and support with the other hand.
  4. Add a strand from the same side and connect with the previous one.
  5. Alternating sides, select a thin strand from an existing braid, shifting through the next curl to the other hand.
  6. Adding strands on the side, finish the pigtail.
  7. Pickups can be done after a certain distance, highlighting a wide strand.

fishtail for medium hair

Fishtail for long hair

Fishtail hairstyles for long hair provide real scope for creativity. There are many options for braids that can be woven from them. Here is one way to weave:

  1. Divide the shock into two identical parts and take each in your hand. You can first collect the strands in the tail — this option is more suitable for those who have not yet braided the “voluminous fish tail”.
  2. Cross the right strand to the left side of the hair in your left hand.
  3. Do the same with the small left strand.
  4. Repeat until the entire length is braided. Secure the result with an elastic band.

fishtail long hairfishtail hairstyles for long hair

How to braid a fishtail?

Among fashionistas who love the fishtail braid, how to weave it is one of the most frequently asked questions. This is an incredibly voluminous hairstyle that has large links. It can be used in various variations, for example, wrapped around the head. You can braid it in a few minutes, so many girls prefer to use it for study or work. You can only try the technique in practice a few times in order to bring it to automatism.

The advantages of the «fish tail» are as follows:

  • easy to perform;
  • looks great with any other hairstyle;
  • the braid is soft and pliable, so you can do anything with it;
  • weaving instructions are very simple;
  • looks good on both thick and thin hair due to its volume;
  • suitable for both little girls and older women.

Important nuances to consider when weaving:

  1. It is advisable to prepare mirrors so that you can see how the hairstyle looks from behind.
  2. The farther from the scalp the pigtail is woven, the freer it comes out. Loose strands begin to fall out over time.
  3. For tight weaving, the braid should fit as close to the head as possible.
  4. The links must be the same width.
  5. The finished braid must be secured with varnish, an elastic band or a hairpin.

You can weave a fishtail like this:

  • from the tail or collected strands;
  • from the temples and along the side;
  • all over the head, starting from the forehead;
  • from part of the strands at the crown;
  • from the temple obliquely across the head.

To weave a braid, consider the following:

  1. It is necessary to spray the prepared hair or gel so that it does not fluff. Select the curls where the braid will be braided.
  2. Divide the selected strand into 3 parts and start weaving.
  3. Put the right strand on the central one, repeat the process with the other side. Make 2 braids, fold 2 strands into one. Continue weaving.

how to braid a fishtailfishtail braid how to weavetrendy fishtail hairstyle

Fashionable fishtail hairstyle

The original fishtail hairstyle is popular among girls around the world. There are a lot of options for its execution, some of them are simple, some are complex, but they all look unsurpassed:

  1. Fishtail on the side. Gives some creative mess that looks nice. The most important thing is not to stretch the strands too much.
  2. double option. Very easy to install and looks beautiful.
  3. Falling fishtail. Indispensable for a romantic date.
  4. Thick version. It looks like a simple ponytail, but the elements of weaving complement the hairstyle beautifully.
  5. «Fish beautiful tail» around the head. A very interesting option that conquered fashionistas all over the planet.

fishtail hairstylefishtail braid

Two fishtail braids

Two fishtail braids look extremely interesting. They are called the «school option» hairstyles. There are two ways to perform hairstyles:

  1. On both sides of the face. To do this, a shock of hair must be divided into two identical parts, each of which must be braided using the fishtail technique.
  2. Two pigtails start to do from the temples. In the back of the head, they are combined together using an elastic band. The resulting tail must be combed.

two fishtail braidstwo fishtail braidswhat does a fishtail hairstyle look like

Fishtail inside out

If the usual option is already tired, you can braid the reverse fishtail. The technique is not so complicated:

  1. Separate three strands at the crown and cross them, as if you need to make a regular braid. They must be passed not one on top of the other, but carried out from below. In the hands should be two strands of different thicknesses.
  2. Take a narrow strand from the side of a thinner curl, draw it under the main one and add it to the second part of the hairstyle. Along with this, take a narrow strand from the same side.
  3. Do manipulations on the second side.
  4. As soon as the hair for additional pickups runs out, continue weaving on the formed braid. Fix the tip in a convenient way.

fishtail inside out

Volumetric fishtail

A romantic hairstyle that is ideal for both a date and a simple walk is voluminous fishtail braids:

  1. You can try experimenting with the texture of the hair: it can be both curls and corrugations.
  2. To achieve a voluminous effect, you just need to make a regular fishtail, pull on each loop, fluff and add volume. You can act not too carefully, because the effect of slight negligence is very relevant.

voluminous fish tail

Fishtail with ribbon

The fishtail braid with a ribbon looks incredibly beautiful. Weaving technique is as follows:

  1. Fasten the tape and select a strand on the left side of it. Place the tape on the strand, under, and then again on it. Let go of the hair, while the strand should be on the right, and the tape on the left.
  2. To the right of the tape, take a new strand and draw it under the strand left in the last paragraph. Wrap this curl with ribbon and release. Pull up the weave.
  3. Select the strand on the left side and draw under the one that was left on the left. Wrap the flight and leave the strand.
  4. Select the strand on the right side and draw under the two left on the right. Wrap with tape.
  5. Continue weaving until there are three strands on the left and four on the right.
  6. Take the first left strand on the right, add a loose hair pod. Draw a strand under the three left curls and wrap with tape. Let go of your hair.
  7. Take the first left strand on the left and draw under the other left curls on the left. Wrap with tape. Continue weaving further.

fishtail with ribbon

Fishtail with kanekalon

If you add colored kanekalon to your hair, the fishtail weave will look much brighter. To do this, during weaving, add a multi-colored kanekalon to the hair and organically weave them along the entire length of the strands. In addition, according to individual preferences, you can braid the braid with a wreath around the head: the result looks very interesting.

fishtail with kanekalon

Air spit «fishtail»

The fishtail pigtail looks extremely voluminous and beautiful. Even a person who has not made such braids before can make it. Weaving is recommended to start from the crown, dividing the head of hair into two halves in the part of the head where you want the braid to start. After that, the hair is collected according to the usual weaving pattern. For an additional effect, you can pull strands from an already formed braid.

aerial braid fishtail

Pissed off fishtail hairstyle

From the «fishtail» you can make a lot of different hairstyles, because the braid is malleable and easily bent in different directions. In this case, both the traditional weaving method and the “fishtail” vice versa can be applied. The original variety will be a beam, which can be done in this way:

  1. Gather a high tail. Make sure that the hair does not stick out.
  2. Make a fishtail. Add volume by pulling some strands out of the braid. It will turn out wider and make the image slightly careless.
  3. Twist the braids around the base of the ponytail. Hide the small ponytail that ends the pigtail under the bun and secure with an invisibility.

fishtail updo hairstyle

Hairstyle «voluminous fishtail»

Fashionistas who have thick hair will love the fishtail braid hairstyle. The volumetric version is woven in almost the same way as the usual one. To add volume, you need to make a bouffant or curls, and then just make a braid. If you want the effect of negligence, you need to stretch out a couple of strands that will give a perky look.

voluminous fishtail hairstyle

Fishtail on the side

To braid the spikelet «fishtail» on its side, it is necessary to divide the strands into two parts and transfer to one side. The braid is woven from below, near the ear. For greater convenience, you can use a thin elastic band to form a ponytail from the hair. If you want to make a complex and interesting styling, you can braid the braid from the temple:

  1. Select two thin strands above the forehead and make a side braid. Curls should be thin.
  2. Fasten the end of the pigtail with an elastic band.
  3. Divide the free part of the cop into two halves.
  4. Remove the elastic from the already formed braid and attach the braid strands to the free hair.
  5. Make a braid in the usual technique to the desired length and fix with an elastic band.

side fishtail


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