Green New Year's manicure - trendy design for the holidays

One of the most harmonious additions to the image created for the winter holiday is a green New Year’s manicure. It is associated with one of the main symbols — spruce, so it often has an appropriate design. It is important that nail art blends seamlessly with the color scheme of the outfit and fits into the overall look.

Green manicure for the New Year 2020

One of the trends of the main celebration of winter will be the New Year’s manicure in green 2020:

  1. The color palette in which the green New Year’s manicure is presented can vary from light green to rich dark emerald hue. The choice of tonality is carried out depending on the individual wishes of one or another representative of the fair sex.
  2. Using the same color, but in different tones, you can create a stunning monochrome design. At the same time, shades on one nail plate can be combined in different ways: this is the use of a horizontal or vertical ombre, a combination of varnishes of different textures.
  3. The holiday is reasonably associated with brilliance, so brilliant nail art is welcome. For this, a variety of elements are taken: sparkles and stones of different colors, foil, rubbing.
  4. The design can be discreet or as catchy as possible, it all depends on the individual preferences of the fashionista and the features of the planned event. In the latter case, an abundance of decor is used, and New Year’s Eve allows any amount of it.

green manicure for the new year 2020New Year's manicure in green 2020green manicure for new year 2020

New Year’s green manicure for short nails

owners of neat shortened nail plates will be able to make a New Year’s manicure on short green nails:

  1. A small area of ​​the nail plate requires careful selection when choosing its design. The abundance of decor in this case may look out of place, although the holiday is associated with splendor.
  2. It is recommended to give preference to such varieties of design as a monochrome version, discreet ombre, jacket, moon nail art.
  3. If you still want to get a bright design and attract attention, you can use the decoration of one of their nail plates, laying it out with sparkles or medium-sized rhinestones.
  4. An excellent solution will be nails made in a monochrome version, but at the same time made using coatings of different structures. For example, one plate can be lined with green sparkles, while others are covered with ordinary varnish of the same shade.

New Year's green manicure for short nails

New Year’s green manicure for long nails

Luxurious elongated nail plates provide an opportunity to create any New Year’s green manicure for 2020. Whichever design option is chosen, it will look appropriate:

  1. Long nails are chic in themselves, so they can simply be covered with a plain varnish, choosing any of its structures: glossy, matte, using the «cat’s eye» technique.
  2. On elongated nails, you can apply both discreet and extremely bright color combinations. For example, a green-red ombre will look great.
  3. Rhinestones and sequins can be used in any quantity, the celebration of the New Year allows and even implies an abundance of glitter. Decorative elements can be laid out in random order or in the form of a thematic pattern, they can completely cover one or more nail plates.
  4. Decorating with foil will also look organic. At the same time, with its help, both clearly laid out and chaotic drawings are created.
  5. It is also possible to combine several decorative techniques at once. For example, modeling can be laid out on the nails and at the same time they have rhinestones laid out in the hole area.
  6. The shape of the nail plates can be absolutely any, these are pointed nails, and a square or feminine almond shape.

New Year's green manicure for long nailsnew year green manicure for 2020

Ideas for New Year’s manicure in green

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a green New Year’s manicure, the novelties of which are presented in various variations:

  • one of the most successful color combinations will be combined with white or red;
  • the cat-eye design will look unsurpassed;
  • green New Year’s manicure is uniquely combined with a golden or silver ornament;
  • you can give nail art a festive shine by applying sparkles or rhinestones;
  • matte design looks very stylish and elegant;
  • combination with other shades is also carried out using the ombre technique;
  • you can cover your nails with a rub and thereby give them a festive splendor.

New Year's manicure ideas in greengreen New Year's manicure novelties

Red-green New Year’s manicure

A red-green manicure for the New Year will look truly unique. It will be appreciated by young ladies who prefer bright, memorable bows:

  • nail art can be done in the form of a jacket, taking one color or another as a basis, while the tip of the nail plate is covered with a different shade;
  • green New Year’s manicure may contain an image of a Christmas tree, which is depicted on a red background. Such decor can be present on one or more fingers, while the rest can be covered with emerald varnish.

red green New Year's manicure

Green and white New Year’s manicure

The green manicure for the New Year, in which white is present, looks incredibly stylish and sophisticated:

  • white snowflakes of different sizes can be drawn on an emerald background;
  • one nail can be highlighted with snow-white varnish, and against its background depict a green Christmas tree toy. You can add shiny gold or silver elements to it. In this case, the remaining fingers are covered with the main varnish;
  • a green New Year’s manicure with a white addition looks organically in such a performance as a jacket or moon nail art, when the death or hole is highlighted with snow-white varnish.

green and white New Year's manicure

Manicure green with gold for the New Year

A green New Year’s manicure with gold is characterized by a luxurious look:

  • you can apply the alternation of golden and emerald coatings on different fingers;
  • golden tone is perfect for the image of Christmas decorations;
  • spectacular gold monograms can be depicted on the nail plates;
  • New Year’s green manicure with gold may contain a glitter stretch, made from one edge of the nail to the other.

manicure green with gold for the new year

Green New Year’s manicure «cat’s eye»

A truly unsurpassed brilliance and iridescence is characterized by a green New Year’s manicure, made using the «cat’s eye» technique:

  • The advantage of such a coating is that it is self-sufficient. You can just use the cat-eye design and not resort to additional decorative elements;
  • if you want to make nail art as catchy as possible, you can turn to adding rhinestones or decorating with sparkles, foil.

green New Year's manicure cat's eye

Green Christmas manicure with silver

Another bright shiny option would be a New Year’s manicure in green and silver:

  • the easiest solution would be to focus on one nail, highlighting it with silver varnish;
  • stretching with silver sparkles is popular, while it can be performed from the tip of the nail to the base of the plate or vice versa;
  • green New Year’s silver manicure may contain openwork patterns that are an imitation of frosty ornaments.

green Christmas manicure with silver

Green manicure for the New Year with silver

Silver elements are rightly recognized as one of the most organic types of decor that can decorate a green manicure for the New Year:

  • silver Christmas decorations laid out on the main background look unique;
  • as an alternative, you can use a silver Christmas tree pattern made with sparkles;
  • a green New Year’s silver manicure can be made in the form of a jacket, while metallic-colored foil can be used to decorate the tip of the nail;
  • foil can be laid out and all sorts of geometric shapes, for example, this is a Christmas tree, consisting of triangles of different sizes.

green manicure for the new year with silver

New Year’s manicure with green sparkles

A stunning monochrome option would be a New Year’s manicure with green varnish and sparkles of the same color:

  • with the help of this original element, you can further enhance the festive shine;
  • you can cover any one finger with sparkles, often it is the ring finger, and paint over the rest with varnish;
  • shiny patterns and drawings look very advantageous on a matte background, creating a spectacular contrast with it.

New Year's manicure with green sparkles

Green matte New Year’s manicure

A light or dark green manicure for the New Year, made in a matte finish, will look extremely elegant:

  • thanks to the sophistication and restraint of this type of coverage, the design can be used not only for a festive party, but also for going to a corporate party or a gala reception;
  • New Year’s manicure on a green background, made in a matte version, can be decorated with shiny elements that create a unique contrast. For this, sequins, rhinestones, stones of various tones are suitable, which are placed on the nail plate in random order or in the form of clear patterns.

green matte New Year's manicure

Green New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

Perfectly fit into the overall concept of the holiday manicure green design for the New Year, decorated with rhinestones:

  • pebbles can act as a decoration for a Christmas tree painted or laid out in another way, personifying garlands;
  • New Year’s manicure in green colors 2020, which contains images of Christmas toys, can also be done using rhinestones. They can fully or partially lay out Christmas balls;
  • one of the fingers can be completely decorated with rhinestones, while the rest can be decorated in any way: painted over with glossy or matte varnish, made using the «cat’s eye» technique.

green New Year's manicure with rhinestones

Green New Year’s manicure ombre

A light or dark green New Year’s manicure looks amazing, to create which the ombre technique is used:

  • the design is that the main background smoothly flows into another. In this case, the design can be made in one color, which is represented by different shades. For example, a darker base brightens towards the tip of the nail plate;
  • nail art looks catchy and bright, in which contrasting tones are taken. the combination with red, white, black color looks very advantageous.

green New Year's manicure ombre

Green New Year’s manicure with rubbing

Rubbing is a great addition with which you can decorate a green manicure for the New Year 2020:

  • rubbing can be applied over the base coat, giving the nails a shiny iridescent effect;
  • you can highlight one or more nail plates by rubbing. The rest of the fingers are recommended to be covered with matte varnish in order to end up with a unique spectacular contrast.

green New Year's manicure with rubbing


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