Halloween nails - a selection of the most fashionable ideas for the holiday

Halloween nails can be with different patterns, on a dark and light basis, with flowing red droplets that resemble blood, skulls, spiders and sparkling eyes. Black and orange varnishes with glitter and mother-of-pearl, confetti and rhinestone inclusions, which are optional, will look very attractive.

Halloween Manicure 2019

Which 2019 Halloween nail designs will be at the peak of popularity this season?

  1. Bats on a diverse basis, both dark and light. For the main varnish, you can safely take black, white, coffee, milky and even pink tonality, stylishly — on a red and blue background, hits of autumn — green and blue. If you decide to surprise and amaze those present with your nails, then feel free to choose all kinds of drawings with insects and pumpkins in orange and purple, add rhinestones and inscriptions to them.

halloween manicure 2019

  1. It is better to choose nails for the Halloween holiday according to the theme, a wonderful choice is sharp and oval nail plates with dark varnishes, both matte and glossy, with diverse non-trivial patterns in the spirit of evil spirits, brooms, witches, cobwebs, skeletons, skulls, ghosts and blood drops . White nails with black and blue accents, water drops and kamifubiki will also look attractive.

nail design 2019 halloween

Halloween manicure for short nails

Looking for a stunning Halloween manicure for short nails? Choose a unique gothic style nail art. After all, this holiday welcomes all kinds of drawings in this direction, and the black and white combination is akin to the classic version. So, without hesitation, you can make a white web on a dark basis or draw funny figures of ghosts and insects, objects and plants on a milky white background, for example, a pumpkin and a spider, a broom and a witch’s hat.

halloween manicure for short nails

If you want to get into the top leaders of the holiday and pleasantly impress your friends, then you can make an original design with uneven edges of the nail plate. Another short-shaped Halloween night nails will look great with interesting thematic patterns:

  • abstract geometry and openwork monograms with sparkles and rhinestones;
  • a variety of figurines and fairy-tale characters;
  • inscriptions and gradient transitions, especially in black and red.

short halloween manicure

Halloween manicure for long nails

Unique nails for Halloween 2019 are options in gray and beige colors with skeletons, skulls, rhinestones interspersed along the oval of the nail plate or on the sides. Do not forget that sharp and oval shapes have returned to fashion, but not stilettos, soft squares and pointe shoes have not left the world podium. On them you can draw a lot of interesting patterns that will attract attention at the holiday, and amaze others with their appearance. How do you like such a solution as a combination of a skull with flowers of roses or violets, peonies and orchids? A great combination on a matte two-tone base.

halloween manicure for long nails

Long Halloween nails turn out to be chic if you combine two varnishes, red and black, or black and orange, add diverse “terrible” drawings, glitter, sand, powder, pebbles and confetti to them. In the accent version, experienced craftsmen can easily make you not only a web, but also other interesting ideas that will fit perfectly into a theme party and to your chosen costume, whether it is a witch or a scary clown outfit.

halloween nails 2019

Halloween Manicure Ideas

A very interesting nail design for Halloween 2019 is offered by the leading nail art masters, which looks amazing, this is a manicure with uneven nails, when one or two fingers are short, and the rest are long and sharp, with bloody drops on a white background. This option is called «teeth», drops of blood can be at the top or bottom of the nail plate, and single or multiple, if desired, rhinestone blotches in the accent version act as an additional designer decor.

halloween manicure ideas

Another true seasonal hit is Halloween nails with an abstract golden pattern on a black or dark blue or brown background, it will look especially incomparable on a glossy base with drawing the main lines of the pattern with glitter or golden sand. There are also original ideas in the form of combinations of a matte black and milk base with thematic patterns in the form of skulls, an abstract marble ornament and a gradient with gold transitions or foil.

halloween nail design

halloween nail stickers

To make a simple Halloween manicure even on your own at home, you can use a variety of stickers, such as skulls, bones, cobwebs, moon and stars, a witch’s face or her silhouette on a broomstick against the background of trees. These stickers are perfectly attached to a matte or glossy base, fixed with a special top and last a long time. They can also be combined with hand-painted all kinds of abstract lines and geometric patterns, it will look especially original in a green tone on non-sharp long squares.

halloween nail stickers

Halloween nails with stickers are a godsend for those who like to do their own manicure, especially without bothering with complex applications and drawing the nail plate. An extraordinary design will turn out if you use lace and lace black stickers on a mother-of-pearl base and dilute them with small shiny pebbles of various colors. There are also interesting stickers in the form of a pumpkin and other funny figures that look great on short nails.

simple halloween manicure

Bloody Halloween manicure

A non-trivial design that has been in fashion for more than one season is a Halloween-style manicure in red tones that imitates drops of blood. It can be in an abstract form, when drops are scattered throughout the nail plate with the effect of a marble pattern, or with dripping drops along the edge or top of the nails. A wonderful and stylish choice for those who prefer a stylish manicure in catchy shades, suitable not only for a holiday, but also for a spectacular addition to experimental and extravagant street style looks, especially if it is done on pointe shoes or sharp nails.

bloody halloween manicure

Halloween nails with bloody drops look great not only on long, but also on short oval and almond-shaped nails, but lovers of a soft square should not be upset, because on this form you can make exquisite droplets or splashes that imitate blood. On a long nail plate, leading masters have a place to roam, and they can offer you an original plot drawing with a church, a balloon, inscriptions, skulls and a clown’s face.

halloween manicure

Halloween Manicure

Experienced nail art masters offer modern Halloween 2019 nail designs, where the thematic focus of the holiday is clearly expressed and individuality is emphasized. These patterns include images of faces in plot drawings in red and black dominant shades, a mummy’s face, a combination of black and green tones with a black cat and cat’s eyes, bats with hit inscriptions. This design will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a mysterious night and will suit even everyday ensembles in gothic style and multi-layered grunge.

halloween manicurehalloween nail art

Halloween manicure, pumpkin

Want to get a beautiful manicure for Halloween? You can’t do without the image of the main attribute of the holiday — pumpkins with burning eyes. It looks great on a dark background, both matte and glossy, with the addition of glitter and mother-of-pearl. Original drawings will be obtained on an orange base in combination with dark varnishes, you can even make a two-tone jacket with a pattern, when the charm of a French manicure contrasts with a brutal pattern, giving your nails a certain mystery and catchiness.

beautiful halloween manicurehalloween pumpkin manicure

Black Halloween Manicure

Another win-win option is a light Halloween manicure, made on a black matte or glossy base with non-trivial drawings of this direction. It can be a web, it will look especially beautiful when traced in golden or silver color. A combination of geometric shapes and lines with drops, cobwebs and skulls in one set, or a plot pattern with crosses, churches, moon and stars, inscriptions and a moon or French manicure.

black manicure for halloweeneasy halloween manicure

Halloween manicure with eye

To get beautiful Halloween-style nails, experienced craftsmen advise choosing an original eye-shaped pattern, which is applied in an accent design on one or two fingers, or distributed over all nails, depending on the intended design. It can be a cat’s eye, a narrow pupil of a predator, or a human eye, even with eyelashes, as you like and who likes it best. Rhinestones, gradient transitions, foil, powder, small and large pebbles, colored dots and shiny inserts can act as an additional designer decor.

halloween eye manicurehalloween style nails

Spider Web Manicure for Halloween

A wonderful autumn manicure for Halloween will turn out if you use a cobweb on a white and green background, delicate and original, which will suit even everyday street style youth images. In a single accent, you can draw a spider with a rhinestone eye, this design will perfectly fit into the holiday atmosphere and allow the girl to feel confident, because her fingers will not go unnoticed.

spider web manicure for halloween

Halloween nails with cobwebs on a black background will look great not only on a sharp shape, but also on a square one. It will turn out especially beautiful if you add diverse small colored figures to the picture in the form of small stars, circles, the moon or round dots of various sizes in white on a black background. Figures can be orange, green, blue, blue, gold or silver, here the choice depends on personal preferences and desires.

fall manicure for halloween

Orange manicure for Halloween

Want to make a catchy Halloween 2019 manicure design? Stylists offer you original combinations of black and orange shades. You can add blue and gray or silver tones to the manicure, you get a non-trivial option that fits perfectly into the theme of the holiday, especially if you add story drawings or stickers, inscriptions or droplets. In the spirit of the times and in trend, there will also be a solid orange nail art with the addition of glitter on short nails of a natural shape.

orange halloween manicurehalloween manicure design

Halloween manicure with clown

There are diverse options for Halloween manicure, these can be safely attributed to the image of a mask or a clown’s face, diluting this pattern with hints of horror. An additional decor can be kamifubiki, balloons, bloody droplets, both on a light and dark basis. A trendy choice is a design on a white background with inscriptions, a red and black ombre, a balloon and a clown mask in makeup on a sharp or oval shape of the nail plate.

halloween manicure with clownhalloween manicure options

Halloween manicure with rhinestones

If you decide to make a cute manicure for Halloween, then you can use rhinestones and lay them out in a certain pattern along the oval or center of the nails, both in single and multiple versions. An excellent combination is a combination of white, gray, blue and black varnishes in one design, where a cobweb with rhinestones is traced. Another chic choice would be an openwork black manicure with small rhinestones; this option will easily fit even into smartly casual ensembles of urban chic.

halloween manicure with rhinestonescute halloween manicure


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