how to determine the color type of appearance

Few women do not know about the existence of appearance color types, but not everyone knows exactly which one they belong to. Let’s figure out how to accurately determine the color type of your appearance.

Definition of color type

To determine which of the four color types you belong to, you need to conduct a simple analysis. For such a procedure, you will need a minimum: good and natural lighting, a mirror, and no makeup. Due to the fact that color types are divided into warm (spring, autumn) and cold (summer, winter), we will determine our “temperature”. So, let’s begin.

Hair. Do you repaint them regularly? Then remember your natural color if there is no desire to grow roots. The presence of «redhead», or shades of gold — your hair belongs to a warm range. But gray notes will indicate a cold type.

Eyes. Color doesn’t matter, shade matters. «Warm» eyes — brown, hazel, greenish-red, gray (but with golden splashes). Cold tones include blue, gray-blue, blue, greenish-blue.

Leather. But here it is not so simple. Colored paper or suitable pieces of fabric can help determine. Take two colors: warm — orange or coral, and cold — raspberry or fuchsia. Slowly alternate these two colors, bringing to the face. Which shade makes skin fresher? Cool raspberry or warm coral? Warm shades are good in a warm «company», and vice versa.

Having understood the main points, the question “how to determine the color type for a woman” will seem simpler. Let’s start with warm colors.

How to determine the spring color type?

Spring… This woman has delicate and fair skin, often there is a slight blush on her cheeks. How else to determine the spring color type? A spring woman, as a rule, has golden curls, and even if she is brown-haired, the golden undertone is still present. And also — pink lips of a warm shade.

The ideal shades for a spring woman are the delicate pastels of this season: blue, lilac, the most delicate yellow tones, floral “watercolors”. Bright colors will emphasize the image, but it is still better to use them in accessories.

How to determine the autumn color type?

Autumn … Even the «mistress» of this type often does not know how to determine the autumn color type. But autumn beauty is so harmonious! Her skin has a stunning color: peach, golden, ivory. The eyes of an autumn woman must have a redhead: green, amber, brown or gray. Hair golden-honey, red, cognac. Lips in warm pink or peach tones.

Autumn beauty will be fine in native shades: reddish-terracotta colors, burgundy, olive and milky tones, deep blue.

How to determine the winter color type?

Winter… The cold beauty of a charming representative of the winter color type is a game of contrasts. The skin is either dark or pale. Hair can be of any color, but their shade is always cold. Bright eye and lip color, clear facial features.

Bright colors suit a winter woman: purple, lemon, pure tones of blue and blue. Contrasting combinations look great on such a fashionista: gold and black, white and black, purple and yellow. Shades of pastel, no doubt, will do, but will not give the desired harmony.

How to determine the summer color type?

Summer … The summer woman is recognized as the most common type among the Slavs. The cold skin tone does not prevent this image from remaining soft (the complexion is pink or olive, often with translucent vessels). Hair from light to light brown, but without the «redhead», over the years, the tone of the hair darkens. Such a woman has light eyes with a slight «haze»: gray-blue, blue, hazel, greenish-gray.

A summer woman is recommended to choose soft and delicate colors: light shades of blue, yellow, pink, peach.


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